First on #ZALORAYA2019 Runway: Plus Size Models


Over the years, we can see that fashion is adapting to the new age by being more inclusive with clothing items that normally would not even be featured on the runway. We realised this as well and decided to take a stand and include models in sizes that a lot of women can relate to. This year for the first time in ZALORAYA history, we broke barriers by having plus-size models walking the runway, showcasing beautiful Raya clothes at the ZALORAYA 2019 fashion show.

Our girls, Cashreyn Azlan, Hikma, and Nalisa Amin proudly walked the ZALORAYA2019 runway when modelling for brands like Lúbna and Syomirizwa Gupta. Since we already featured a few models on THREAD already, why don’t we give these three beautiful girls the spotlight they deserve for a change?

1.    Cashreyn Azlan (@cashreign)

Cashreyn Azlan.jpg

If you have ever shopped on ZALORA, you probably have seen her modelling beautiful clothes from various brands on our online store. So, it is about time for her to get off the studio and be on the runway walking our fashion show to showcase her powerful walk to attendees. She has been a strong advocate on getting plus-size women to appreciate their body and just be your true self no matter what others would say or think. Because if Cashreyn Azlan can walk the prestigious ZALORAYA runway, you can too.


2.    Hikma (@whatthehik)

SAU_0851 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Would you believe us if we said that ZALORAYA 2019 was Hikma’s first fashion show that she has ever walked? With a presence like hers, you would not think that for a second as she walked the runway like a true professional. This Ghanaian and Malaysian mixed lady broke all kinds of existing stereotypes in the fashion industry which honestly, is more encouraged these days as representation matters. Expect more fashion shows to feature Hikma as she clearly has a knack for it since ZALORAYA 2019.


3.    Nalisa Amin (@nalisaliamin)

SAU_0806 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Nalisa Amin has walked runways, been featured in magazines, and modelled for multiple brands. So, it is kind of a no-brainer that we had to get her on the ZALORAYA 2019 runway. She opened Lúbna (deservedly, one might add) by Instagram live-ing the show showing the audience a view from the model’s perspective; a move that came to us by surprised. But can you honestly think of anybody else more suitable to do that? Nope, only Nalisa Amin could pull it off as she continues to break common practice in the fashion industry like she does on her social media.



Seeing these three girls on the runway gives us hope that the fashion industry is moving forward with time. Their presence only proved that the world of fashion is slowly changing, and people should be more accepting of them while designers should consider creating more clothes for people of that size.

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