How to Keep Your Face Hydrated in A Dry Climate


Dry climate tends to dehydrate your skin a lot which will result in irritation on skin and sometimes leave flaky patches around your face. As most of us want a dewy and clear skin, dehydrated skin makes achieving our goals almost impossible. However, you should not worry anymore because these are the solutions that can help maintain hydration of your face in dry climate.

1. Drink water


Drinking water is crucial to stay hydrated as our skin needs the H20 to work and to retain its moisture. Drinking plenty of water also will help your body remove the toxins keeping your skin stay healthy. This will make it easier for you to take care of your face because Lack of water will make your skin dry and rough. Not only that, it will also make your wrinkles more visible.


2. Apply on Moisturizer

 Moisturizer is important to lock your face hydration, especially in a dry climate. When choosing a moisturizer, consider oil-based moisturizer as it works the best in a dry climate or even Aloe Vera based moisturizer as it is very hydrating on the skin. Remember not to skip your moisturizer when you do your skincare routine!


3. Sunscreen


Wearing sunscreen or SPF is important for your skin to prevent it from sunburn. Don’t even bother to keep your skin hydrated if you cannot protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. Never forget your sunscreen because it will help your skin to look stunning for the present and the future.


4. Humidifier

This is an option but if you have some extra money you can invest in a humidifier. You can place it in your bedroom as it can help put moisture in the dry air and help your skin stay hydrated while you are sleeping.


5. Eat more veges and fruits


You need to make sure that your skin is hydrated from the inside as well. Most vegetables and fruits like celery, tomatoes, cucumber, orange and watermelon are rich with water. Eating those can help you to hydrate your skin from the inside.


6. Sheet Face Mask

 To help your skin hydrate better, you can use sheet face masks as its number one benefit is for hydrating. It allows your skin to rest while hydrating and you will feel more relax pampering yourself. Sheet face masks are also inexpensive, convenient and easy to use. But, remember do not use your sheet face mask till it dries out. The most ideal time is around 20 minutes.

7. Lip Balm


Wearing lipstick will tend to dry out our lips a lot. Keep a lip balm in handy to prevent our lips from chapped lips.


The most important thing to keep your face hydrate is to follow these tips consistently. Without consistency, you can’t achieve the moisturized dewy skin during dry climate. Share with us your tips to keep face hydrate on the comment section.