How to Look Less Exhausted Even If You are

Getting beauty sleep is so important for us to look glowing and beautiful. But sometimes we cannot help but stay awake overnight to settle our tasks and responisibilities. Let say that you are having a presentation on the day and you are preparing your presentation last minute at the night which leads to not having enough rest. But you do not want to present with a heavy dark circle, tired eyes and dehydrated skin the next day. So, here are few ways to look less exhausted even if you are.

1.       Stay hydrated

You should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Insufficient amount of water in your body will lead to fatigue. Water will boost your energy making you feel more refresh and alive. To make drinking water easier during the day, you should fill your bottle up and bring it along with you everywhere you go.


2.       Stretching

Hitting the gym in the morning before work is almost impossible to most of us. Therefore, you can do a stretch and light exercise before you start your schedule. Even though you are tired, it can help you improve your blood circulation and indirectly make feel awake and will give you a healthy glow.


3.       Work on your skincare


Do not skip your skincare routine even if you are busy. Exhaustion sometimes will make your skin dehydrated and get obvious under eye-bags. So, do your usual skincare routine and add on eye treatement cream or serum to fix your eye-bags. Do not forget your moisturizer too for glowing skin.


4.       Put makeup on

With makeup, you can create an illusion as if you are not exhausted and you will look more alive. To make you look more alive you should create a smooth and perfect base. You should conceal the dark circle under your eyes. Then you can apply a hint of colour on your cheeks using a shimmery blusher and highlight to look livelier as you were well rested. Finish it off with any coloured lipstick that you like.


5.       Take a nap

You should take a break during your busy schedule just to recharge yourself. Taking a nap will help you to stay focus and refreshed. To have a good power nap, you should aim to nap for 10 to 20 minutes only and in the early afternoon. You should create a restful environment and preferably in a dark quiet room. Get yourself comfortable. But, do not forget to set your alarm. Remember it’s a nap, not sleeping.


6.       Healthy snacking

When you are tired you usually look for a snack to munch on just to stay awake. However, having too much sweet and salty food can harm you. So, change your usual snack to a healthier snack choice. Below are a few snacks that you can eat to stay awake and indirectly make you look less tired in front of others around you.

  •    Green Tea. Change your coffee with green tea. Green tea has lower caffeine and contains antioxidants which are good for you.

  •   Almonds. Almonds are packed with magnesium, protein and fiber. It will help you to sustain your energy throughout the entire day.

  •  Fruits. Instead of taking candy for a sugar rush, you can eat fruits. Fruits like apple, orange and pineapple can fight off your fatigue.

Share with us your preferred tips to make you look less exhausted even you really are.