How to Style The LBD For All Occasions

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A little black dress (LBD) is a fashion staple for every woman. It is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe because the style can go with anything for any occasions. This essential style has been introduced by the fashion’s greatest icon, Coco Chanel in the 1920s as the ultimate go-to for every woman that will take them to places, from a fancy dinner or brunches with friends, to an evening cocktail party, and even to the office.

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It transforms seamlessly time and time again – from the dressy style to the casual, from a girly look to a chic rock look – with the various ways added as the complementary items you put on to make your LBD looking different for every occasions.

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Wearing all black is a super chic. It looks good on anyone with any size, age, or shape. It is the reason for its everlasting popularity. Depending on the occasion you are attending, you can style your LBD in many ways with additional pieces of clothing to match or any right accessories Whether you prefer to keep it minimalist or jazz it up with jewelries, it’s all up to you.

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When you are supposed to attend an event or a formal party the next day, you should find a LBD that is more tailored as you will need to dress that appears more glamourous than your usual casual LBD. Put some accessories pn that are simple but highly effective to make yourself stand out from the crowd like a metallic silver or gold pop of color to create a statement.

For example, a spaghetti strap LBB matched with a pair of high heels and necklace will definitely be perfect for an evening cocktail party.

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A little black dress can appear differently from one style to another when you pair the dress with the right accent pieces. Wearing any other outerwear like cardigan, jacket, vest, blazer can also do the work to keep a different style for different occasions on you LBD. Be sure to keep everything in balance especially when you wear the big statement necklaces.

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Dressing for a summer can be a huge pain so you will not need any additional outerwear to cover up with. Wearing a lightweight LBD without any leather jacket or coat will help you prevent yourself looking wildly out of place. Plus, you’ll be sweating literally everywhere. Some LBDs do not need to be super plain in order to be chic. A LBD with some spotted iteration can give you a gorgeous look than anyone.

The last point that we need to highlight here is that shoes are the significant part of the look. They are pieces that the eyes of other people will be drawn into them with your black dress backdrop. For example, the laid-back shoes style for the casual time, ankle booties for a bolder statement, and the gladiator shoes for a super chic look.


Based on those tips above, we hope that you’ll get inspired on how to dress your own LBD for any occasion. If you have any further tips, comment below.