International Women's Day Edition- 4 Ways to Support Other Women


Happy International Women’s Day! Women empowerment is a very positive act as we have always heard of women being pit against each other. It is sad to see when a woman is bearing teared down for doing what she believes in, her success and even the way she dresses. There is always room for every woman to sparkle and shine on their own no matter what they do in life. If you support women empowerment, here are simple ways that you can show support to women around you.

1.     Celebrate their Victories


Women who are rocking their careers may seem intimidating to some but why not take it as a positive thing and be inspired. Instead of having jealousy towards them and tearing them down to others, change your mind set. Celebrate their victories and be encouraging towards each other. Whether they are single ladies, married or working moms, every woman is badass because they are striving to do their best at work and being independent to make a living for their own self as well as the family. Even the ones who are stay at home moms, working from home ladies to freelancers, they are the ones making a change for everyone around them whether people realize it or not. For example, raising a child is hard work for mothers so do not mom shame other mothers if something goes wrong.


2.     Go Out for Brunch


It does not matter whether you are working or not, always make plans to go out for brunch together to catch up. This way you can share stories and understand each other better on a personal level. For the moms, you can do this do by finding a kid-friendly café with a play area that you can watch your kids play while you are having a chat with your girlfriends.


3.     Compliment Them


Make an act of kindness to compliment other women on their achievements, their style such as if you love the dress they have on or anything you find great about them. Tearing each other down is a negative move and it will not benefit anyone. Turn the greatness of other women as an inspiration for you.


4.     Connect Them with Others


If you happen to know someone that can help or work with other women with something like business, collaborations or someone who has the same experiences in life, you can always be the one to connect them with others. Show your support for another woman’s goal and this will help strengthen the bond. Be the person who gives them both the introduction they need.


Women empowerment is needed as it is hard enough for women to deal with gender stereotypes and being teared down by other women is just as hurtful. Tell us how you are celebrating your International Women’s Day this year down below as we would love to know. Spread love and positivity!