Makeup Tools You Need for Beauty Beginners


You may be new to start experimenting makeup. Watching tons of makeup tutorial from various types of beauty bloggers may help you to get the knowledge and skill of doing makeup, but, before you dive into the deep end, if you are a beginner, let us guide you on the makeup tools you need. Check them out down below.

1. Beauty Blender


Sigma Beauty Blender

This is a must-have! Beauty blender is a tool where you can blend your foundation, contour and blusher on your face. You may have seen a lot of brands out there that have came out with their own beauty blender with a lot of unique shapes. Grab one and thank us later because we are sure that it will be your ‘Holy Grail’ makeup tool!

2. Blush Brush


REAL Techniques Blush Brush

Many of beauty beginners think that one makeup tool can be used only for one certain thing, but actually that is wrong! Blush brush can be used not only for your ‘Apple-cute’ cheeks, but can also be used as your powder brush as well!

3. Blending Blush


NYX Eyeshadow Blending Brush

We know that when it comes to doing eye makeup, of course, the expert beauty gurus will advise you to use at least 3 eyeshadow brushes, but actually, you only need one! With an eyeshadow blending brush, you can apply and blend your eyeshadow nicely! Not only that, the brush can also be used to contour your nose.

4. Angel Brush


NYX Small Angle Brush

This is a tool you definitely need to have in their life! Without this, your makeup won’t be complete. A small angle brush can be used to draw your eyebrows and your eyeliner! Yes, eyeliner is such a ‘life’ for beauty geeks!

So, we hope these tools may help makeup beginners to explore more into makeup and remember, don’t be afraid to try something new! Share with us in the comment section below your first experience in trying to doll yourself up!