Raya Season Biggest Trend - As Spotted from #ZALORAYA2019 Runway

HSPP6075 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Last week on 14th March, the ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show turned out to be a huge success. If you have missed the live stream of the fashion show this year, fret not as we are bringing you the latest popular trends of ZALORAYA2019 which can probably help you decide what style you would like to don for Raya this year. Who knows you might fall in love with our ZALORAYA2019 trends? Look down below.

1.    Crowns

We often hear the statement that ‘Every girl is a princess’ so why not embrace it by accessorizing your Hari Raya look this year by following our crown trend. Accessorize your hair with beautiful gold tiara to add that exclusive touch to your entire outfit. The best way to don a crown is to match it with outfits that has hints of gold on it to blend it together.


2.    Big Bows

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Bows are in- or to be precise, BIG BOWS! Big bows add that bold statement to your look. It gives that unique sophisticated yet quirky vibe perfect to portray a sense of youth. During ZALORAYA2019, PETRA uses the concept using the fabric prints to accessorize his pieces on the runway. Everyone was absolutely impressed that this trend is infused with simplicity and style at the same time.


3.    Lace

We cannot deny that laces will always be a popular trend for Raya even for years to come as the fabric gives women that boost of femininity and elegance. Designers and brands have used their creative skills in implementing laces in their pieces with various designs as it has always been a hit along women to flaunt during the coming festive season every year.


4.    Earthy Shades

This year, the ZALORAYA fashion scene is filled with earthy tone shades. If you prefer a subtle look for Raya this year, this trend will be the perfect choice. Going back to natural earth tones, this tone definitely blends in well with the classic balik kampung scenery.


5.    Asymmetrical Cuts


ZALORAYA2019 does not only focus on the classic cuts of the kebaya and kurung but designers are also putting in modern asymmetrical cuts as well. The modern women who wants to get that extra boost of confidence can choose to don on pieces with asymmetrical cuts that adds flair and daring element to your entire look.


6.    The Bumbag

SAU_0855 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

This trend is getting a rising attention lately in the ZALORAYA scene where bumbags are worn with your baju kurung. If you are handing out duit raya or holding onto your kids duit raya, this bumbag will do the trick. Not only you are handsfree to enjoy your festive Eid celebration, but you get to do it with a stylish yet functional bumbag that doubles as an accessory for your outfit.


Which ZALORAYA2019 is your favourite? Let us know in the comment box down below.