Top 5 Favourite Picks from ZALORAYA2019 Night Show


The return of the annual collective runway show, #ZALORAYA2019, in partnership with Boost, has come to an end! It looks like that it could be a time to appraise what the fashion industry look –alike, and also could be a sign that we are going to celebrate the holy month with our dazzling outfits! For fashion fiends like us, there is nothing better than a whirlwind of taking notes of new trends and cutting-edges designs. 

This year, #ZALORAYA2019 spotlighting some of the biggest names in the local fashion scene includes the likes of Tom Abang Saufi, Syomirizwa Gupta, Afiq M, Ezzati Amira, Lubna, Nurita Harith and many more. This year, shoppers are allowed to get up close and personal with ZALORA’s fashion and beauty brands, also a special offline experience with the one-day-only pop-up at White Box, Publika. Promising a fashion experience unlike any other, the ZALORAYA 2019 designer presentations were showcased over three different slots – 2PM, 5PM and 8PM respectively.

The night slot started shortly after 8pm featuring Syomirizwa Gupta, Afiq M, Petra, and Nurita Harith which definitely liven up the moment. Each collection were different in their own way starting with Syomirizwa Gupta,  with the spicyness of colours and elements.


Inspired to bringing something that is more versatile and contemporary feel, this collection has many choices from hour glass silhouette pieces to more effortless ones that can be mixed and matched with personal existing pieces. To be fair, Syomirizwa Gupta’s collection lights up your Raya outfits with variety of colours, boldness yet appropriate and comfortable. The bold yellow wide flat-laid collar modern kebaya with two pocket in front and and a long trumpet skirt with the special embroidery detailing around the kebaya and the juliet sleeve effects, will definitely spark joy during the festive season!


The next collection that night was from Afiq M which promotes elegance in his collection. With the black kurung with bishop sleeve featuring the green printed ruffle skirt makes the look completely sophisticated, elegant and modest. It is also ideal for daily wearing.


 This design actually looks simple with the full-printed leaves effect on the whole baju kurung with the tulip sleeves. The combination of the colour brings out the modest aura and confidence. This is also one of the Afiq M brilliant designs that absolutely is a favourite pick.


 This full-printed kurung might be the definition of extra but you definitely would not want to miss this. Inspired from the European interior design namely the French château wall art and classic Italian house crossing, Petra cleverly created a new and standout own style to a traditional Malaysian kurung in their Raya collection. Create your own style with less accessories and make it outstanding by its own. 


Who will turn down pastel colours? The light hue of this dress will absolutely be everyone’s favourite choice because of its aesthetic. As you can see the laces at the sleeves and the dress enhance the elegance of the dress itself. If you are looking for a pastel collection for Raya 2019, this collection from Nurita Harith is a definite must-have.