What You Need to Throw a Girls Only Birthday Party


Back in 2005, MTV aired a reality program called “My Super Sweet 16” where we saw 16-year-olds throwing big parties at a huge venue attended by every person on their Myspace friends list. Minus the spoilt kids highlighted in that show, that was the birthday dream though; to have exclusive parties on your birthday.

As you grow older however, all of that seems too over the top with unnecessary chaos added to your life. Nowadays, you just want to have a relax, intimate, and small gathering with your girl friends celebrating your special day.

We have some interesting ideas for you to throw the perfect girls only party with your squad that is as equally fun as a “My Super Sweet 16” episode.

1.    Only with my bestie


Forget a party. Spend your once in a year day with your bestfriend/bestfriends who means more to you than a party of 50+ people whom you don’t even know or necessarily care about. However big or small your squad is, you are going to enjoy your birthday nonetheless because you are surrounded with friends that matter.


2.    Homegirls night-in

When you have your girls by your side, the world is your playground. But since it’s your birthday – and birthdays hold a special meaning – have a night-in instead which feels more private and connected. Get your girl squad to your home, put on your girliest set of pyjamas that you can find, and have a sleepover party where you could do lots of creative and fun things together.


3.    Sleepover party dance

One thing you can do at a home party with your group of small friends is to have a sleepover party dance-off with one another. Because if you can’t have a party at any of those posh-type clubs on your birthday, why don’t you bring the party at home? Blast the cheesiest pop songs of the 80’s – “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! is a classic choice – and dance your way through the night.


4.    Makeup by my girls

Since you are staying in and not going anywhere on your birthday, now is the time to get creative on your makeup. Have your girls do your makeup that night by experimenting with shades and colours that you don’t usually use on your skin. Go crazy with it, release all your artistic makeup skills, and just have some fun.


5.    Order cake from a bakery


What is a birthday without any cake? So, there are two options to solve this first-world problem. You either make one with your girl friends which will most probably result in a disaster, or you could just leave it to the professionals and order one from a bakery. We advise the latter as you at least want your birthday cake to be intact.



Your birthday only happens once in a year. So, spend it with the ones that truly matter to you the most. It doesn’t matter what you do on that particular day, the company you keep will find a way to make it fun either way.

So, how do you usually celebrate your birthday? Any crazy birthday stories to share with us? Tell us your experiences by leaving a comment down below.