ZALORAYA2019 Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer, Afiq M


The ZALORAYA Fashion Show turned out to be a huge success where this talented designer, Afiq M showcased his 2019 Raya Collection. This year, Afiq M’s collection for Raya was revolved around the concept of twisting in modern and traditional using nature elements. If you are intrigued in getting a hint about this designer’s Raya collection, read on our exclusive interview with Afiq M down below.

1.    Share to us the story of how you develop your interest in fashion and turned it into a career?

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Growing up I was just really into art. I went to sewing school after high school, from there I develop passion and interest in fashion. Womenswear particularly.


2.    What is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?

Favourite part for me is the creating process. We started with sketches and then moving onto draping process. Basically the whole process in creating a garment is the fun part!

3.    When did you start designing Afiq M 2019 Raya collection and what was your inspiration behind it?


I started designing the collection back in 2018 actually. I was just thinking about the juxtaposition of traditional and modern in a subtle way. This Raya collection i was inspired by nature. Our nature. For the first time, we did a custom print inspired by paddy field, paddy leaves and paddy terrace landscape. Paddy just reminds me of my hometown, Rembau, N9. I worked with local artist, doodle mama to come up with the print. When we first met, she instantly knew what I wanted for the prints, which is amazing!

4.    Describe Afiq M 2019 Raya collection in three simple words.

Effortless, comfy, classic.

5.    Which traditional Raya food do you always go for first at open houses?

Rendang and Lemang. 

6.    Any childhood memories that stuck with you until today?


The night before Eid. Spending time with the family and hanging out with cousins. 


7.    What will be your ideal Raya celebration?

Spending time with my love ones, enjoying Raya food and just visiting friends!

8.    As you know ZALORA’s Raya concept this year revolves around wayang kulit. What classic movie would you like to see being replayed in wayang kulit form?

Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s film! 


9.    In your opinion, should wayang kulit be more exposed and mainstream?

Yes definitely, I’m sure younger generations not familiar with ‘wayang kulit’. 

10.    What can Afiq M fans look forward to in 2019? Any upcoming projects?


We’re just really excited for 2019. Can’t wait to release the Raya RTW collection. And next is KLFW 19, which we gonna do something different this year. Playing with textures and colors. Stay tuned!



Interested to grab your hands on Afiq M’s 2019 Raya Collection? Stay tune on our site as this designer’s collection will be launched tomorrow on 21st March 2019.