ZALORAYA2019 Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer, Syomirizwa Gupta


The countdown of ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show is getting closer and we cannot wait to see the stunning pieces from this talented designer, Syomirizwa Gupta. This year Syomirizwa Gupta is bringing a spicy Spanish flavour into his Raya collection that will be versatile for the contemporary women to don for the festive season. Read our exclusive ZALORAYA interview with Syomirizwa Gupta down below to gain insights on what his collection represents and get to know some fun personal facts about himself too.

1.    What was your inspiration for this year’s Raya collection?


My inspiration this year, I’m bringing you some Spanish flavour according to my interpretation of what is relevant for Raya this year! I’m bringing you Spanish flavour with colours, spiciness and boldness.


2.    What separates this year’s Raya collection than your previous ones?

Last year my inspiration was something really traditional and nostalgic. This year I’m with Spanish theme, bringing something that is more universal and contemporary feel. It’s more versatile and there’s many more choices from hour glass silhouette pieces to more effortless ones that you can mix and match with your existing pieces.


3.    If you could choose, which is your favourite piece from this year’s Raya collection?

Of course my favourite piece is the modern kurung set which is Vera; because of its versatility and appropriateness and how comfortable this is for Raya.


4.    Share with us the story of what normally goes down on your first day of Raya?


So in the first day normally I’ll wake up early to Mandi Raya and prepare what to wear for this special day. Normally, I wear the same thing from the time I go to mosque till evening. After I’m ready, our family will have our first breakfast after Ramadhan then we will go to the mosque together. After that we will be visiting the closest family members either in KL or Ipoh and the day will end with a family BBQ buffet with some singing, dance and gossips. Family selfies and pictures one a part of the celebration eve before Instagram. So we love taking family pictures during this time.


5.    As you know ZALORA’S Raya concept this year revolves around wayang kulit. What movie would you like to see recreated in wayang kulit form?

I would like to see P.G.L. in a wayang kulit extravaganza selling version!


6.    Have you ever had the experience to watch wayang kulit live shows?

Yes in the 80’s when I was in primary school but I cant remember where and when!


7.    How do we modernize wayang kulit for the newer generation?

By using stories that is more relevant with real topics that is hot in the society at that time, to incorprate wayang kulit  with hip and young event would be cool too! Another way to modernize it is also to made it more fashionable and include it in fashion shows or events in the future!


8.    We bet your fans would love to know what other future projects are in store for you. Share with us what your fans can look forward to this year?


Many exciting will be happening this year! Alongside my existing collection I’m excited with my special line which is Love by Syomir “Colourful size and strong personality women” that will be out soon! Its dedicated to all strong confident ladies that is proud of their their body! I’m eager to launch a men’s line, and in August there’s something special happening for my slot in KLFW19 and a special collections will launch that time as well. Also a continuation to produce a Fall/Winter collections for Love by Syomir is in the plan as well. This year we are also open for any exciting and interesting collaboration!



For all the fans waiting to check out Syomirizwa Gupta for ZALORA 2019 Raya collection, keep an eye out on our site as the entire collection will be officially launched at ZALORA on 20th March.