ZALORAYA2019 Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer, Tom Abang Saufi


The ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show last Thursday was definitely a blast where the talented designer, Tom Abang Saufi presented her Raya Collection which is inspired by the Morrocan elements. For those looking to don colourful, fun yet trendy pieces for this coming festive season, Tom Abang Saufi for ZALORA collection will be the perfect choice. Read our exclusive ZALORA2019 interview with this lovely fashion designer down below to get a glimpse of her collection and gain some of her personal insights on her Raya celebration.

1.    What was your inspiration for this year’s Raya collection?

Motifs of ethnic wood carvings of borneo and the ethnic vibes of Morocco.


2.    In three words, describe to us your 2019 Raya collection?

Colours, Beach, Tropic.


3.    If you could name one, what is your favourite piece from your Raya collection this year?

tas 1.jpg

Kaftans with stripes and lines.


4    What do you look forward to during this year’s Raya celebration?

Going back to be with close family in my home Kuching, Sarawak...chill, laughter and good food.


5.    Share with us how your typical first day of Raya celebration looks like? We would love to know.

Following tradition, male family members go to the mosque and female too. Those at home set the food table for family and friends. Dress the home as well as dress ourselves. It’s celebrating the completion of another month of abstinence and spiritual upliftment.


6.    As you know ZALORA’S Raya concept this year revolves around wayang kulit. What Hollywood movie would you like to see recreated in wayang kulit form?

Mary poppins would be great in ‘wayang kulit’.


7.    In your opinion, do you think wayang kulit elements would be beautiful if incorporated into our traditional wear?

‘Wayang kulit’ elements are so rich in motifs and movements specially to create fabric motif for clothes. I would be inspired to design lace from its motif and in the softest pastels for luxe wear.


8.    Any future projects that Tom Abang Saufi fans can expect in 2019?

HSPP5655 - Photo by Saufi Nadzri.jpg

Doing a ready-to-wear collection of loose easy wear called TOMS ..and inshallah of celebrating 30 years end of 2019.