ZALORAYA2019 Exclusive Interview with ZALIA’s Designer, Safira Syukri


It cannot be denied that the heat of ZALORAYA2019 Fashion has got everyone’s attention and this year we have a new designer who is taking over ZALIA for ZALORA. She stepped up in managing the ZALIA brand recently and we figured why not get to know the face of our new ZALIA designer, Safira Syukri. Read our interview with her down below on how her fashion career started and what ZALIA fans can look forward to.

1.    Everyone’s journey started somewhere. Share with us how you develop interest in fashion and decided to make it your career?

I believe my journey towards becoming a fashion designer started with my passion for creating things. My father is a mushroom cultivator. As a small girl, I would follow him around his barn, transfixed by his ability to design and create something from scratch because at that time, he just started into this business and most of the time he built himself his own racks, mushroom houses and etc. I tried to copy him and even had my own little work bench in his barn.


As I got older, I hated school and was much happier doing anything that allowed me to express my creativeness. I'm not sure exactly when or how I got interested in garments, but I used to spend my spare time researching different trends and costumes throughout magazine, history books and then wrap around and hand-sewn small garment to my Barbie doll given from my parents. Later, when I am doing my Diploma in Business Study, I found a short course from Bengkel Mara which taught me the basics of sewing and embroidery and was hooked.

After making the decision to pursue my childhood dream, I finished my diploma and change my path and took degree in fashion design at Universiti Teknologi Mara.


2.    What do you love most of all in becoming a designer?


It’s like working in a constantly evolving field. Everyday people’s problem is for us to solve, and designers have to constantly be on top of what’s happening in the industry. This means new challenges, new techniques to learn, and ever-growing skill set. So, design is an exciting field, thanks to its never-ending march towards progression.


3.    What is the story behind ZALIA 2019 Raya Collection?

REIGN OF TITANIA is inspired by the beauty of the fairy queen, living in the mythical and whimsical forest. The collection is inspired by all the natural elements and life in the forest like the flowers and foliage that is translated in the embroidery and prints. Regal elegant elements are infused into the collections as a reflection of the high status of the fairy queen.


4.    What can ZALIA fans look forward to for the 2019 Raya Collection?

Abundance selection mix of modern, classy, elegance but affordable Raya outfit needs. Expect detailing such as drapes, sequins, metallics, belted traditional outfit, metal belted detail, classy prints, metallic pleated, embroidered lace, 3D floral embellishment and a whole lot more!

Plus, we also created special capsule for our Indonesian friends; infused with pastel pallete prints, embellishments, relaxed cutting, drapery effect, classy yet affordable look.


5.    As hard as it is to choose from, do you have your personal favourite piece from ZALIA 2019 Raya Collection?


It will be Placement Sequin Cowl Neck Dress, because of the modern detailing and it fits nicely to most body type.


6.    What would be your advice to individuals out there who wants to be a fashion designer as well?


The biggest lesson is using the power of creativity. You use the energy and the power of creativity to create business and to think about what you are making. Creativity create business, but business affords creativity. You must have both.


Check out the dazzling Raya pieces from ZALIA Collection here



* * Photographer: Agnes Leong / Instagram @onceoverlightly