ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show + Pop Up Event


The long-awaited annual fashion event that everyone has been waiting for finally came and turned out to be a huge success! Organized by ZALORA, one of Asia’s leading online fashion destination together with its main sponsor, Boost, this year’s ZALORAYA2019 Event was held at two various places with its fashion show located at Black Box, Publika while the Pop Up Event which was open to public was located at White Box, Publika.

Starting the whole mood for ZALORAYA2019 was none other than the spectacular Pop Up Event that was open to public for the first time ever. With various beauty pop up booths such as LMK Cosmetics, Laneige, FOREO, The Face Shop, Eggs, Doctox, FAME Cosmetics, Pure Theory, Yves Rocher and B&B Labs where guests could buy the products they love on the spot, try samples and get the chance to receive goodie bags by participating in the beauty passport activity held throughout the entire event. The main sponsor for ZALORAYA2019, Boost is also offering an exclusive promotion when you shop with the e-wallet app. From 14 March to 30 June 2019, shoppers who spend a minimum of RM250 on ZALORA will receive an extra 25% discount and RM18 cashback when they pay with Boost. Simply checkout with the code ‘BOOSTZALORAYA’—terms & conditions apply.

There was also a Pop Up for other brands such as Cluse, Nelissa Hilman, Kami for ZALORA, Bella Pizo and Ms. Read as well. Not only that, guests at White Box could also catch the live stream feed of each show on the big screen provided in the area.

The ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show was divided into three slots with 2pm, 5pm and 8pm shows. The site was beautifully decorated with white drape sheets and lighting to bring out the mood of this year’s ZALORAYA theme, the wayang kulit. Choosing the traditional display of puppet-shadow play, wayang kulit theatre shows, which are commonly found in Kedah and Kelantan, the wayang kulit theme befits ZALORA’s ethos of telling your own story through style.

Between each show, the guests were able to experience the amazing pop up event held next door where they could watch live hijab styling tutorials, makeup and skincare workshops and even Caklempong performances at the White Box area while enjoying light refreshments. The Pop Up Event commenced at 10am which proceeded with a hijab styling session by Echenta herself from Ilham Echenta following with another hijab styling by Farah Dinana for The Ciks.

 Soon after the hijab styling session ended, guests were crowding the White Box area to watch a live LMK Cosmetics beauty tutorial by Shiyo Joo featuring LMK Founder, Ameera Khan. The celebrity and successful businesswoman, Neelofa also made a special appearance at the Pop Up Event to show her support for her sister, Ameera Khan. With all the hype that is happening, there were also lucky draws held at White Box with attractive prizes to win.

Putting focus back on the ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show which was sponsored by Make Up For Ever and Shiseido Professional for the models, the 2pm slot was the the Raya presentation by 3thelabel, Justin Yap, Yadotsa, Zalia and Kylez by Syafiq Kyle. 3thelabel collection portrays simplicity with a range of colourful pieces. Justin Yap moves its collection with a dark floral and neutral undertone perfect for those who are looking for a classic vibe. Yadotsa on the other hand, plays with small floral prints with pastel hues to capture the spirit of femininity. ZALIA captured the audience with its luxe concept of sequins, modern cuts and textures. While Syafiq Kyle puts a more youthful twist in his Kylez Collection for both men and women to feel stylishly comfortable.

Following the first show, the second slot started shortly after 5.30pm featuring collections from Tom Abang Saufi, Syaiful Baharim, LUBNA and Ezzati Amira. Tom Abang Saufi pieces focuses on the batik like concept which is always a classic for anyone to don. Syaiful Baharim collection leans towards a simple yet trendy approach which exudes sophistication. LUBNA, one of ZALORA’s in house brand impressed everyone with their plus size range as well as their trendy big sequin embellishments and the popular laces. Ezzati Amira Raya Collection focuses on neutral shades combined with dark florals which makes it the perfect recipe for that sexy mysterious vibe.

While waiting for the night show to commence, guests were mingling around the White Box area while enjoying the scrumptious finger food and drinks served. Among the guests spotted during the final slot of the show were Dato’ Jovian Mandagie, Azira Shafinaz, Hunny Madu, Cik Manggis, Zaihani Zain, Haida Yusof-Yeomans, Alia Bastamam, Yiu Lin, Ain Edruce, Sarah Lian, Min Luna and more.

The night show started slightly before the clock struck 9pm with the amazing collection by Syomirizwa Gupta. The designer’s creative Spanish concept intertwined with lace umbrellas, guitars and beautiful headpieces definitely got the crowd talking. Coming up next was Afiq M’s Raya presentation of simple tones but beautiful modern cuts that are perfect for women to flaunt effortlessly. With PETRA coming on next blowing everyone with their unique patterns and matching big bows as the headpiece. Ending the show with a blast was Nurita Harith’s collection complete with pastel hues, laces and wrap designs that embodies the feminine aura.

Over 900 guests were treated to a spectacular ZALORAYA2019 runway show and the whole event was a great success. If you are in search for the perfect Raya ensembles, head on to ZALORA’s website as these designer and brands are made available exclusively online at ZALORA. Stay tune on our magazine for more amazing ZALORAYA2019 updates. Til next year!