6 Tips to Dress Like A Travel Pro

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Travelling in a flight comfortably is very important as you will spend more time in the air than on land. It also will affect your mood on how you feel during the entire flight as let us admit that sometimes it gets uncomfortable as you hardly have any space to move around in unless you booked fist class. Often, we always have a hard time to pack our luggage with the comfort style we want from head-to-toe. Hence, here are six tips to dress like a travel pro while still looking stylish and chic.

1. Sneakers

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Sneakers is a travel-friendly and comfy shoes made for walking. This is because it is easy to wear and you will walk a lot while you travel. You can get a pair of stylish sneaker easily from various brands available that suits your personal style.

2. Socks

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The right pair of socks on long flights can fight blood clots and prevent your ankles from getting swollen. It can help warm up your feet during the flight.

3. Dress in Layers

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To balance your body temperature from overheating or becoming too cold, travel in layers. Make sure the layers are easy to take off and put on whenever you feel like it. Tip: Use three layered clothing system: bottom, middle and top. Each layers of clothing needs to have different features to keep you warm.

4. Clothes

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When deciding what clothes to pack, choose comfy, wrinkle free and easily pack-able.  Pack three matching colors so you can create multiple outfits that can be easy to mix and match. Keep it simple and make it as versatile as it can be.

5. Accessories

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A few accessories can change the look of an entire outfit. Pack some pieces of jewelry that can be matched with any outfit you have on like a ring, charm bracelet or even a watch. Sunglasses and a cute scarf can also help elevate your simple top making it look more trendy.

6. Make Up

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Makeup minimally. Bring only what you really thing and keep your makeup look minimal. Carry a light foundation and nude lip color. If you will be in the sun all day, don’t skip applying sunscreen.

Dressing appropriately while traveling also helps you blend abroad with locals. Hope this travel fashion tips can help you for your next vacation. Do you have any tips to dress like a travel pro that you would like to share? Share with us in the comment section below!