Are You in A Flirtationship? Find Out Now


We often hear the relationship terms of ‘Single, In a relationship and It’s Complicated’ but what about Flirttationship? What is a flirtationship you ask? Flirtationship means that you are more than typical friends and less than a romantic relationship. If you have a feeling you are in one but not sure, let us tell you some factors to consider if you are in one. Read down below and find out now.

1.     Constant Flirting


The first obvious sign is of course if you are constantly flirting with a close friend. You tease him or her, casually hugging him or her for no reason, you have nicknames for one another and enjoy hanging around a lot together.


2.     What to Call it?


Since the flirting has been going on for quiet some time, you start to realize what to label your relationship. What do you call it? You are not officially boyfriend/ girlfriend but you definitely don’t fit the typical platonic friendship category either. And you are not sleeping together so friend’s wit benefits is also not the label. Some of you might figure to label it as best friends but do best friends flirt?


3.     Have a Partner


People often assume flirtationship happens when both are single but that is not necessarily the case as this type of relationship can happen even if both already has a partner. The partner might not like your ‘platonic friendship’ and makes it uncomfortable for the partner to accept. But if just so happens your feelings in the flirtationship changes, this could seriously jeopardize your real relationship.


4.     Texting Buddy


If you both constantly replies text to each other every single day even on random things, it shows that both of you enjoy each other’s company. It seems that you can never run out of things to talk and share about.


5.     You Both Care


Both of you genuinely care about one another. He listens to you whenever you share personal stories, tells you how great you look in that new dress (sometimes in a flirting way), wants to know the outcome, wants to help and you would do the same thing in a heartbeat. You both care to the point that if one cries, the other would wipe your tears away and give you a warm hug.  



These factors sound like you both would make great partners in a real relationship, but most will leave the situation as it is. Have you ever experience being a flirtationship before? Share us your stories down below.