Do We Really Need Afternoon Naps?


Feeling sleepy or lack of energy during mid-afternoon is not something uncommon. We always experience this situation regardless of whether we had eaten our lunch or not. It is just a way of our body signalling us that it needs some rest. Some of us might straightly resort to coffee or energy drinks in order to get rid of the sleepiness and lethargic feeling. Others will opt for afternoon naps to regain the energy. The question is, do we really need this forty winks session? Continue reading this to know further on the perks of afternoon naps.

The benefits of taking naps

Taking naps especially in the afternoon (this act is also known as ‘siesta’) is actually good for you. Here are the reasons why:

1. You will be more energetic

Basically, it will help you to chase away your sleepiness and fatigue that makes you slothful. It helps you to recharge especially if you were sleep-deprived the night before. Your body has been awake for about seven to eight hours. So, after a short nap, you will feel more energetic, less sleepy and ready to continue your day.


However, please bear in mind that we are talking about short naps here, not a two to three hours of sleep. The idea is to nap for a short period of time i.e. about 15-30 minutes and not to enter the deep sleep phase. If you are in this phase and suddenly need to wake up from your nap, you will feel sluggish and encounter drowsiness.

2. You will be more alert and focus


Apart from aiding you gaining your energy, afternoon naps could help you to stay alert and be more attentive. Research has shown that proper afternoon naps can enhance brain functions; improves your memory, focus and stimulates your creativity. Taking a brief nap in the afternoon and waking up while you are in a light sleep phase will make you feel rejuvenated. Hence, you can be more focus and be at the top of your performance.

3. You will improve your mood

Having a mood swing? Feeling down or frustrated? Don’t worry. The cure is a siesta. It will let you relax your mind and body, raise your mood and eventually, you will definitely feel much much better. Not only that, taking a nap could help lower your stress and blood pressure level.


Thus, if you find yourself trying your very best not to sleep in the middle of the day, at the same time you’re somewhere comfortable where you can take a nap, then just do it. You do not have to be in your sleepwear. Simply create a calm restful surrounding and make sure you keep your nap short. It will boost you up without you having to reach for coffee or energy drinks.

Do you normally take afternoon naps? Share your experience in the comment box below.