Easy Ways to Reorganise Your Room


If you are into Netflix, there is this one programme series that motivates people to be looking at each corner of their houses and think “does this spark joy?” to decide whether they should hold onto the item or to let it go. If you have heard about Marie Condo, you are absolutely correct! But really, what are the easy ways to actually reorganise your room? Take a look down below.

1.    Wardrobe cleanse


Start with your wardrobe first. Get rid of the clothes that no longer fit you and also that you haven’t been wearing for quite some time (we are talking more than 6 months’ time). You might be thinking “but what if I need this someday?” Trust me, you don’t. Even if you do when the time comes, you will convince yourself to buy something new. Good news is that you can send your used clothes to charity or you can sell them online.


2.    Plan your room’s layout


Before you reorganise, decide the layout of the room first. For example, one area of the room can be turned into a home office where only anything related to work can be stored there. By doing this, you will not store things where they don’t belong.


3.    Invest in storage boxes


For items that don’t belong to any area but you don’t feel like letting it go can be kept in storage boxes. Make sure that you have a place to put the storage boxes away neatly. Having storage boxes also minimise displayed items as well as save space.


4.    Adding shelves


Adding shelves on your wall will give you more storage space to organize your items such as books. This way you can maximise the usage of your entire room. You might also want to add in some fake plants (or real) on the shelves to give that homey mood.


5.    Shoes storage


If you want to store your shoes in your room, you might want to invest in shoe storage containers that can be stored underneath your bed.


Don’t forget to declutter your room from time to time so you will continue to live comfortably and organised. How do your reorganise your room? Do share with us in the comment section below.