Experience Modern Kampung Vibes with KYLEZ BY SYAFIQ KYLE FOR ZALORA 2019 Raya Collection


Raya is just around the corner and if you have not gotten your Raya clothes yet, do not worry. We have just the label for you to check out that provides top of the line Raya clothes for the ones celebrating. Introducing KYLEZ BY SYAFIQ KYLE, a local Malaysian brand created by the ever so popular Syafiq Kyle.


For those of you who do not know, Syafiq Kyle is a Malaysian actor who have been in various films and TV series flexing his acting skills as a start. However, the young actor has dipped his toes into the world of fashion and created his own line called KYLEZ BY SYAFIQ KYLE.


The brand focuses on Raya outfits for both men and women, which is a hit among stylish couples. This enables them to match with each other making the family portrait photo even more complete.


For women, there are kebayas that come in separates, encouraging them to mix, match, and experiment with whatever sarung they have. Or buy one from KYLEZ BY SYAFIQ KYLE together to feel a little safer with your overall look, knowing that it is from the same brand.


Same goes to the men’s Raya clothes selection where it comes in separates. Specifically for men, the tops come in different types of collars which could contribute to your comfort during a hot Raya day. So, depending on whether you prioritize comfort against style or vice versa, there are many Raya tops for you to choose from covering multiple colours.


With KYLEZ BY SYAFIQ KYLE providing for both men and women, you might want to plan on wearing the same colours together as a couple. Whichever you decide however, you are guaranteed to look good in a KYLEZ BY SYAFIQ KYLE piece.