Experience Natural Colours with JUSTIN YAP FOR ZALORA 2019 Raya Collection

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Though the ZALORAYA 2019 Fashion Show has ended, we still have a couple of more brands to feature for your viewing pleasure. We continue the ZALORAYA mood with JUSTIN YAP who has been around the local fashion industry since 2015, making beautiful pieces for beautiful women, including this year’s Raya collection.

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Ever just wandered around our gardens or parks and get mesmerized by the beautiful nature that our country has? That is what the JUSTIN YAP’s Raya collection is all about; the natural greenery that our country has to offer. This talented designer took those elements and plastered it on his traditional clothes to bring a sense of Mother Nature for his loyal customers to experience.


The JUSTIN YAP Raya collection is inspired by the polychromatic colours of vegetation and it is quite obvious in his designs. Shades like olive, sage, and moss perfectly encapsulate the natural colours of the forest that Malaysia is so rich of. If green is your colour this year, then you are in luck!


Knowing that the weather is always scorching hot during Raya time, JUSTIN YAP is considerate enough to make his collection breathable by using fabric that are light and soft. Tencel, crepe, and polyblend fabrics are heavily used so that you would always feel comfortable even in full Raya gear under the hot sun.


All in all, JUSTIN YAP is about versatility. He encourages to mix and match with different Raya clothes you have to come up with your own personal style, different from how the others may look. If that does not separate you from your girl squad, we do not know what will.

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