Express Your Vibrant Self with LOVE BY SYOMIR FOR ZALORA 2019 Raya Collection

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For years now women have been complaining about designers not catering to their plus-size customers especially when it comes to Raya clothes. While fashion is slowly trying to appeal to that demographic, one local designer has already embarked on that mission long ago. And that designer goes by the name of Syomirizwa Gupta.

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Being aware of people’s demands, Syomirizwa Gupta introduces LOVE BY SYOMIR, a brand that is catered specifically for plus-size women. Just like what the local designer did with his Raya collection for ZALORA, LOVE BY SYOMIR also plays heavily on vibrant colours that will brighten up anybody’s day.

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Since Raya is all about various colours, LOVE BY SYOMIR brings that concept in the form of its clothes. He does not stop at one basic colour. He splashes all kinds of hues onto a piece making it unexpectedly unique with an interesting colour combination.

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You have a choice of dresses, kurungs, or long skirts by LOVE BY SYOMIR. All you need to do is to match it with your favourite accessories and shoes to add a little flair to that fire outfit of yours. No matter what you add to it though, you know you will look good in a LOVE BY SYOMIR piece. And now that a plus-size brand exists, there is no excuse for you to not look good when Raya comes.