Fab Fashion Tips to Make Your Legs Look Longer


Most of us wish that we had longer legs. Of course, not all of us are blessed with that. Long lean legs will make us look taller and leaner. Resorting to high heels is one of the easiest ways to add a few inches extra to the height. Apart from that, there are some fabulous handy tips worth to be tried in order to create the illusion of elongated lean legs. What you need is simply opting the right fashion choices (the right outfit and accessories) and you are ready for your instant taller appearance. Continue reading this so you can pull off the desired look anytime.

Tip #1 - Choose nude shoes


Wear shoes with a nude hue that blends with your skin tone whenever you are wearing dresses, skirts or shorts. This will create an uninterrupted line, visually extend the legs. Since it is hard to differentiate between where your legs ends and where your feet begin, it portrays the illusion that your legs keep going and going.

Tip #2 - Go for a pointed toe shoes


Pointed toe shoes normally have extra space in the front area making them physically longer compared to rounded toe shoes of similar size. Basically, shoes with pointed toe design will extend your feet. As your feet look elongated, your legs will bear the same effect too.

Tip #3 - Say no to ankle straps and rounded toe shoes


Ankle straps will distract the viewer's eye to pause and halt at the horizontal straps or bands, making your legs look shorter than they are. On the other hand, rounded toes shoes can make your legs appear bigger and stumpier. So, kindly avoid these two if you are thinking of making your legs look longer.

Tip #4 - Try tall boots


When talking about boots, bear in mind that the taller the better. Knee-high and thigh-high boots generate a longer visual line giving the viewer an illusion of longer legs. Make sure you wear a dress or skirt that covers the top of the boot, hiding any gap of skin to produce an impact of uninterrupted look from your thigh to the feet.

Tips #5 - Wear monochromatic outfits


Donning top-to-toe outfits made up entirely out of a single color or two of the same hue is another leg-lengthening trick. With one coloured clothing (especially dark colours like black and dark blue), an uninterrupted visual line will be created. Eyes will be drawn from top to bottom. You will look taller, your legs will definitely appear leaner. However, keep your ankles and feet covered to make sure that the vertical effect of monochromatic colour is unbroken.

Tips #6 - High-waisted outfit


A high-waisted outfit can add some inches to your legs too. It is a natural assumption that your leg starts at your waist. Hence, regardless of your picks; pants, skirt or shorts, pick a high-waisted one. By wearing clothes just above your natural waist, your legs seem to start higher up than they actually do, making them look longer in proportion. Don’t forget to complete your look with a pair of nude shoes.

Tips #7 - Tuck in


Wearing a long top or a loose blouse can easily distort your height, making your legs seem shorter. So, be sure to tuck it in. You can pair your tucked-in top with a cropped jacket (to make your torso looks shorter) and a high-waisted bottom for best result.

Tips #8 - Yes to vertical design


The right pattern, in this case vertical lines, draws attention right where you want it to be. Pick an outfit with vertical lines, piping or stripes as it will trick the eyes with the lengthening effect. You will appear slightly taller, slimmer with long slender looking legs.

Looking taller with gorgeous lean legs is not going to be a difficult task anymore. Have you tried any of the tips above? Do you have anything to be added? Kindly drop your words in the comment box below.