Flower Patterns That Will Suit Your Summer Mood


Floral patterns are everything when its comes to summer season. The bright, jolly and happy feeling associated with summer when the sun is out. We are blessed where we can enjoy the sun for almost the whole year compared to other countries where there are four seasons and each seasons lasts for only a few months. Despite all that, here is a list of floral patterns inspirations to get your summer mood rolling.

Floral Kimono Top


Kimono top is not only a stylish piece to be worn during summer but it’s also very practical. You can wear it over your tank top matched with denim shorts. Bring along your kimono top if you are travelling because it could save some space by wearing them with the purpose of layering.

Sunflower Spagetti Top


What flower is often associated with bright and sunny days? The sunflower, of course. For a quick stroll in or casual sightseeing around town, a spagetti top with sunflower prints will be the perfect choice. You will instantly draw peoples attention and make people smile, that’s how effective it is.

Floral pattern matching suits


Wearing floral patterns from top to bottom can be too much and not everyone can make it work. The picture is a perfect example of an all floral pattern look done right. Focusing on the top and bottom while keeping it minimal on other things such as shoes. Clear platform heels is in trend right now, a genius way to style it with a floral suit.

Off Shoulder Mini Dress


Summer clothes staple is not complete without a mini dress in the closet. A floral pattern off shoulder mini dress with a mesh and pearl beading on top will make you look cute wearing it. Perfect attire to flaunt on a perfect sunny day.

Floral Top with Pants


Classic way to pair a floral blouse is with a nice pair pants and heels but why not do it with sneakers. Of late many well known brands have come up with sneakers design that offers comfort and style to customers. To elevate your summer style to a different level, you can ditch your high heels for a pair of comfortable sneakers instead. Let the your floral blouse be the focus by sticking to plain and earth color tone pants.

White Floral Dress


You have seen floral patterns with solid color dresses and tops but what about a white floral dress? If you ever wonder will it be aesthetically pleasing, you will get a definite answer of a yes. White dress suits almost every skin color, flower patterns on the other hands add character to the dress which makes it unique.

From spagetti top, matching suits and mini dress, which one are you planning to wear out on a sunny day?. Vote your answer in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.