Game Of Thrones Inspired Fashion You Can Try


HBO’s hit TV series “Game of Thrones” is back in full swing for its final season since it last aired in 2017, and many has been waiting for winter to come ever since. The American series has created a phenomenon in the TV industry as it broke multiple records and is one of the most viewed series ever in TV history.

Apart from the fantasy world that was built around it – having dragons and snow zombies and such – one thing that is also fascinating to us are the costumes. Those gorgeous medieval-type outfits are to die for and looks good on every character in the show.

While it is quite impossible to have the exact piece of “Game of Thrones” clothing from your local mall, you can always take it as inspiration and get ones that are close enough to the actual thing. Here are some of “Game of Thrones” inspired ideas for you to include in your fashion collection.

1.    Cape dress

Daenerys Targaryen totally owned the cape dress in the show when she wore one in blue and another in white. A nice long cape looks empowering on her and it definitely will on you too. We would not recommend just buying a cape though. Get a cape dress instead which makes more sense than a separate cape, embracing your inner Khaleesi.

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2.    Halterneck dress

halt in the name of love.jpg

Halterneck dresses are big in “Game of Thrones” fashion. A lot of the female characters wear them and each of them looks stunning in it. But Missandei is notably the one who looks best as the colour she wears often compliments the complexion. Try to follow her style move by getting halter dresses that are suitable to the colour of your skin.

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3.    Fur


One fabric that you would notice a lot of “Game of Thrones” characters wear is fur. Jon Snow’s most famous look to date is the one when he donned a cape with big black fur on it keeping him warm when carrying his duties as the King of the North. Truthfully, we do not approve of using real fur as fashion but if you can get fake ones, you could just pull of the iconic Jon Snow look on a cold day.

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4.    Choker

choke me daddy.jpg

Remember when Melisandre took off her necklace only to reveal that she is actually ancient? Well, you can take some style points from this and get yourself a necklace, specifically a beautiful gold choker. You will definitely look ravishing when wearing one only for you, you will not turn into an old lady when you take it off.

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What is your favourite “Game of Thrones” style? Share with us at the comments section below.