Get High on Life with KAMI IDEA FOR ZALORA 2019 Raya Collection

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As Raya approaches, you will witness people being one step ahead of things and are already planning out their outfit come the holiday season. If you are among the ones who react a little slower than the rest of them, do not worry. We got you covered with KAMI IDEA FOR ZALORA Raya collection.


Kami Idea has been providing beautiful modest clothes since its introduction to the fashion industry in 2009 and is doing the same for the third time this year at ZALORAYA 2019. This year, the Indonesian brand brings lilies and olives to the spotlight as it is heavily inspired by the two plants.


According to KAMI IDEA FOR ZALORA, lilies and olives have a deeper meaning related to life and self-reflection. The brand believes that it is crucial to one’s growth – just as how Kami Idea did for the last 10 years – and could bring positive change to improve oneself to be a better person. That is what KAMI IDEA FOR ZALORA hopes to achieve through its collection which is already available on our website.


As always, KAMI IDEA FOR ZALORA maintains its Raya spirit with colours that are vibrant and lively, making sure that you would stand out from the crowd. The designs and patterns on each of its products adds femininity with pleats, peplums, and embellishments being at play.

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Rather than wearing a standard Malaysian baju kurung, change it up a little bit with an exclusive Indonesian design. It does not matter if you buy it in sets or in separates, one thing is for sure though, you will be the highlight of the open house.