Get to Know All of The Types of Men's Hair Products Available

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There are reasons that may cause you to choose a hairstyle that suits you. Your face shape is one of the reasons. The trending hairstyle is another or being comfortable with it. In spite of that, the truth is many males don't understand the hair type is the main point to get the best hairstyles.

Every hair type have their own advantages or disadvantages in styling the hair. When you master your hair type, you can control your hairstyles and haircuts easily. You can use hair products depending on the hairstyles you choose. If you want your crowning glory justice, then you need to get personal hair treatments to maintain your hair’s health.

There are two types of hair texture and can be categorize to various hair types. The first hair texture is straight hair and the second one is curly hair. To make it easier for you to visualize it, have a quick look at the list below.

Straight Hair (Texture)

  • Straight Hair (Type)

Curly Hair (Texture)

  • Wavy Hair (Type)

  • Coiled Hair (Type)

  • Kinky Hair (Type)

Let me share a simple guide for recognizing your hair type and some of the product knowledge to understand and improve your hairstyle.

Straight Hair


If your hair does not bend from the first 3 inches starting from the scalp, then you have a straight hair type. The men who have straight hair is very fortunate because they can shape and style their hair easily. However, the disadvantage is at getting not enough volume.

The best products to use for straight hair type are hair wax, pomade, hair mousse, and hair spray. Hair wax is one of the best men's styling products. Using wax can keep your hair sleek and styled throughout the day without the hardness caused by gel and mousse.

However, good hair wax is the key in styling cool comb-over, quiff, slick back, pompadour, or spiky hairstyles. Guide for the first time users is you must start with a small amount of wax on your finger. It depends on the amount of your hair because too much hair wax can result in a greasy look.

Next best hair product for men are called "Pomades" but what is pomade exactly?

Historically, men's Pomade was oil-based products used in greaser hairstyles because they provide a slick and shiny look. Unfortunately, oil-based are hard to wash out. Sometimes it can cause acne too. Nowadays, the best pomades are water-based.

There are several types of Pomades. It depends on the strength of the hair needs. That is from medium to very strongholds such as matte to moderate to high shines, clay or wax ingredients, etc.

Thick hair and high volume hairstyles will require a stronghold Pomade, while fine or thin hair and loose hairstyles can manage with low or medium holds. Textured hairstyles are best styled with clay or wax Pomades.

Before applying Pomade to hair, do read the instructions because some Pomades have specific suggestion of applying to wet or dry hair. Pomades are suitable for slicked back hair, side part or comb-over, spiked hair and also for textured or messy hairstyles.

Due to the disadvantages of straight hair not getting enough hair volume, thus, some hairstyles need hair mousse. Hair mousse is hair products that add volume to hair and often provides both conditioning and holds. It can hold hair without clumps or build-up. One of the lighter-weight hair styling products, hair mousse is applied to wet hair before drying and styling.

Other than that, hair sprays also acts to add the hair volume. Hair spray contains polymers to hold the hair. Hair spray is the same function as mousse for straight hair.  Hair spray can last all day and no need to be re-applied.

Wavy Hair

How to know if you have a wavy hair type? Wavy hair resembles wave-like shapes. If your hair curves within the first inches of length but does not make a full coil shape, then your hair is the wavy type. It's more like an "S" letter. Almost all men can pull off wavy hair.

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Same as straight hair, wavy hair is also easy to be styled. However, wavy hair has the advantages that straight hair don't have. That is the volume of hair. They have enough volume of hair which does not make their hair appear flat.

A man with wavy hair should be using a leave-in conditioner on most days of the week to care for it. For hairstyling products, same as the straight hair type, hair waxes and pomades could be used.

Besides that, wavy hair has a styling cream to hairstyling. Hair cream can add natural shine to rough hair and holds them well. It also removes frizz and fly-aways without making them heavy. So, the man with short wavy hair can flaunt hairstyles they love such as spikes, mohawks or pompadours. Hair cream is not solid like waxes or sticky like gels. They are thick creams that work for all hair types too.

Coiled Hair


The third hair type is coiled hair. People are always confusing coiled hair with wavy hair. Some people says that coiled hair is curly hair. It is right for the texture but wrong for the type of hair. As explained above, curly hair is fallen into three types of hairstyle. Coiled hair is one of them. Coiled hair is easy to spot. The shape is like a coil or some people might say it looks like instant noodle shape.

Coiled hair will form coils naturally in the first of two inches. Coiled hair makes a man look sexy for a guy that knows how to manage this type of hair. A guy with coiled hair looks relaxed and charming.

However, a man with coiled hair will have a little difficulty to style their hair, especially if their hair lacks proper treatment. But, they are lucky because they can make the ‘shake and go’ hairstyle super easy. It's cool! Other than that, they can have the military haircut too. To avoid your coiled hair look messy, make sure to use a wide tooth comb to maintain the neatness of it all. Style coiled hair with products such as hair cream and the pomade.

Kinky Hair

The last hair type under the curly hair texture is kinky hair. Kinky hair is also known as afro-textured hair. The black males, other races and ethnic groups have the kinky hair type. The length of the curl for kinky hair is that it is super short from the scalp. It can be identified within the first half of hair length.

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The advantages of kinky hair is that is has enough volume. It is suitable for volume hairstyles. While the disadvantage is it take a long time to grow longer.

Kinky hair hairstyles are always groomed using a hair clipper. This hair type goes great for an epic hairstyle called Afro hairstyle because of the natural hair volume. Other than that, kinky hair does very well with high hairstyles such as the high top fade.

Hair products for kinky hair are not wax or pomades but do focus on styling cream and natural butter. The hair care products is use conditioner and apply extra virgin coconut butter to get a hair length.

By understanding the types of hair, we can creatively think about the perfect hairstyle to choose. What do you think? What is your hair type? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!