Grooming Tips to Get the Most out of Your Shower Time


Bath time could be one of the most amazing sessions of one’s routine because you get to let loose of yourself and submerge in your own thoughts while letting the shower sprinkle on your back. Nevertheless, some would also perceive shower time as consuming especially when they have the little ones banging on the door asking to entertain their endless requests.

In whichever condition that you are in, it is best to ensure that you are able to make the most out of your shower time. Because other than that, you’d see yourself either working, doing the chores, caring for your little ones or simply sleeping like a log out of exhaustion. This is time to make sure that you offer a little TLC for yourself. So if you’re keen to find out, keep scrolling down!

1. Facial wash prior to shower

Facial wash.jpg

When you are about to take your morning shower, remember to brush your teeth first and apply your facial wash. This way, it would help to save your time to rinse your face while showering. Only that, you need to make sure that your shower is either cold or lukewarm so you won’t be harsh on your facial skin.

2. Shampoo thoroughly


Don’t be hard on yourself. Get a decent amount of your liquid and remember to apply it evenly on your scalp and all the way to the end especially if you have long hair. Scrub your scalp thoroughly inclusive of the back of your ears and neck.

3. Soap and scrub with loofah


Scrubbing your body with bare hands may seem the most efficient way of cleaning. Little do you realise that the texture of loofah helps in exfoliating dead cells on your body. Doesn’t this make your skin cleaner, healthier and softier?

4. Shave along with the steam


While the running water is steaming up and you still have the moisture from the shower foam and shampoo, take this opportunity to shave because it helps to soften your body hair.  Apart from that, it also helps to prevent dryness or irritation on your skin.

5. Dry clean


Now that you have cleansed your body from head to toe and in between the folding, wipe yourself with a clean dry towel. Begin with your hair because the dry towel has the maximum capacity of soaking the wetness. Next, move down to your neck and the lower body parts as they don’t have as much water. Voila, you’re good to go!

Our time is really precious so we need to make the most of our 15-minute shower. What would you do to groom yourself while showering? Share your grooming routine in the comment box below so we can learn a thing or two from each other!