How to Be A Girl Boss with Style

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It cannot be denied that it would be good to your own boss and it is very inspiring to see some women rocking that girl boss lifestyle. If you are one of the individuals who is sick of the 9 to 5 job or wanting to make a change in your life, being a girl boss can start at any age. However, you might be wondering how to get started and this can be intimidating for you to get out of your comfort zone. Change is always a scary thing but with the right mind set and determination, you can achieve your girl boss dream in no time. Read down below on how to get you on the right path of your girl boss success.

1.     Be organized

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Whether you have a skill to share or planning to start your own business, if you do have a set goal planned out, it will make you feel overwhelmed with the change. Hence, the best way to handle this is by being organized. Being organized is the first crucial step in chasing your girl boss goals as it helps you stay alert and follow the timeline. Use of planner where you can write down your schedule, to-do lists and creative ideas on the go. Google Calendar App is also useful for you to utilize with ease if you prefer everything kept in your phone.


2.     Push yourself

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Let’s admit that to achieve your dreams, you cannot be lazy so push yourself to make the changes yourself. Do not wait around for things to happen. Although you already have a normal full-time job, start your girl boss journey by doing it as a side hustle. Of course, this will require some sacrifice in the sleep and entertainment department of your life. But trust me, one day it will be all worth it.         


3.     Dress the Part

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To become a girl boss, you must be confident in yourself and what’s the best way of doing it other than dressing the part!  The right choice of clothing will help boost your confidence level easily. Some of the must-have girl boss fashion pieces to own in your wardrobe are blazers and some nice pair of high heels. Create a personal brand of yourself and your business to generate liking which will eventually bring up your reputation.


4.     Visualize

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The journey of being a girl boss might be challenging and there might be times where you feel like giving up. To overcome this, keep a photo in your mind of you living your dream life as a successful girl boss and know what you are working towards at the end of the day.  Don’t compare yourself to others and keep on hustling to reach your goals.



Are you a girl boss in the making? Let us know your experiences and challenges to inspire other women out there in the comment section below.