How to Bulk Up Easily


So, you have done your workout, you have been on a diet, and you have lost all the weight you promised you would as part of your New Year’s resolution. But being skinny is not as attractive as you would think. Ideally, you want to add a little muscle and build yourself up a bit so you will not look scrawny and underweight.

This is when you should learn how to bulk up the right way. The concept of bulking up is actually simpler than one might think. It is to add more calories to your diet, then expending it to add more muscles and kilos to your body weight. This is for you to tone the shape of your body.

While there are other ways to bulk up, you should definitely learn to do it in a healthier manner. These are some of the safest ways that you can follow.

1.    Eat more


Eating is pretty obvious when it comes to bulking up since the goal here is to add calories to your diet and using it when working out. Therefore, increase meals from the usual three per day to 5-6 meals. In between your main meals, snack up on some healthy munchies like mixed nuts, yogurt, fruits, and all of those goodies. Also, it is important to consume food with high nutrients like complex carbohydrates and protein, and definitely cut sugar off indefinitely.


2.    Stick to old school workouts


While crossfit and HIIT are extreme workouts that everybody is doing nowadays to keep fit, that are not necessarily the best thing to do when you want to bulk up. The training you want to work on instead is the old school single set exercises. Start of slow then build your way through by adding more weight and reps to each exercise.


3.    Cut cardio exercises


Since you need the calories to bulk you up, it would not make sense if you burn it all in an intensive cardio workout. Therefore, lessen your cardio exercises to at least once a week. Anymore than this and you will be working directly against your goal.


4.    Get proper sleep


Last but not least, sleeping plays an important role in your mission to bulk up. This is because your body releases high amount of growth hormones which could help in your bulking up process. Sleeping also help repair the muscles that you have used during your workout. Therefore, avoid going to bed late, put on your favourite pyjamas, and get some proper 7-8 hours everyday instead.



Any other healthier ways to bulk up? Or are you already in the process of it? Share your experience with us at the comments section below.