How to Find the Perfect Cologne That Works Best On You


What makes cologne (pronounced as ‘keloan’) different than perfume is the amount of concentration contained in the mixture and also the amount of time the scent stays on our body. Though designed for both men and women, cologne is often more associated with men’s fragrance. But regardless of gender, we know that everyone wants to smell good so knowing what you’re buying is important. Especially when a visit to the department store can leave you feeling spoilt for choice. So why not go through our list of tips below to find the perfect smell that works for you.

Select the Right Occasion


Using a cologne is not about just smelling good but it’s worth noting when you want to use it and for what purpose. For example what time of the day is it and what kind of mood do you want to conjure. In a hot country like Malaysia one needs to be aware that the climate can affect how the fragrances smell like. So it’s best to avoid strong smells and go for lighter and less spicy ones. While in colder temperatures, go for deeper and more adventurous scents.

Choose Wisely


Tips on how to choose the right scent may vary. Some experts advise people to first determine its level of concentration and see whether it is Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne, etc. The more concentrated the perfume the longer it will last on your skin (and the pricier it will be). Colognes contain the least concentration and if this is your preferred choice, then go for the scents it offers. The four main scents for any kind of fragrance are Citrus, Floral, Oriental and Woodsy so do be sure to know your smells before you choose one. Other names to call these scents are sexy, exotic, fruity, clean-cut or even masculine. The names suggest a certain kind of mood or even personality and once you smell it (and like it) you’ll know what to go for.

Test It Out


This is a given and probably the fun part of buying fragrances. Besides sniffing the bottle also spray some on your wrists and wait for a few seconds for the smell to blend in with you. Since our physical makeup is different, some smells will alter the moment it hits your body and thus give an indication to you of whether you and the smell have chemistry. If you still can’t decide, there are even online tests you can take to determine the kind of scent for you.

Consider Designer Fragrances (bonus advice)


Many well-known designers and even artists have come up with their own fragrances to depict their own sense of style and aesthetic values. This is when you get distinct smells and even fancy bottles to resemble all they aspire to be. So if you can relate to the image their represent and the scent it carries, why not take a shot at what they have to offer. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Finding a signature scent that works for you may require some trials and errors but once you’ve landed yourself the one smell that is truly you then make sure to hold on to it. Not only will those close to you remember (and love) how you smell, but you never know who you could be inspiring in the process. Which fragrance do you normally go for? Share it with us down below.