Some of The Ridiculous Rules When Washing Jeans


Jeans are a staple item in everyone’s closet. Average person would own up to 3-4 pairs, while to some they can even own up to 10 or more but one might say its just denim pants that comes in several different shades of blue. The denim industry has grown quite a bit, thanks to social media where people can see a new piece of jeans or trends hitting the market right at their fingertips. But save the talk about denim for another day as we are here to discuss on some of the ridiculous rules when washing jeans.

Hand or machine wash?

There are contemplating opinion when it comes to methods of washing the jeans. Do you use your hand because using washing machine could potentially ruin the thread and design or you put them in the washing machine and just changed the setting suitable to wash your jeans? Handwash is essential for first few washes as they are still new and you don’t need to scrub them.

Check fabric label care for instructions

Technically, denim is pretty durable and can lasts for a long time but knowing how to read fabric care label could help extend its life and color. Look at the temperate and if any specific instructions to separate the jeans from others because during first few washes the color may run down. In this case, be safe than sorry.

Do we wash jeans after single wear?

Remember when we said denims are durable and can lasts a long time. It is meant to be worn for several times before and after each wash. This means jeans are not to be washed after a single wear. In fact, it is recommended to be washed once every two to six months. However this depends on how often do you wear them, the kind of activity you are doing wearing them, how much do you sweat, etc. To keep them clean refer next.


Air them after use, not wash them

So what do we do after wearing the jeans and not washing them afterwards is to air them. Hang your jeans where there is proper ventilation for a while before you put them back into the closet. Alternatively, you can put the linen spray at a good use by spraying a good amount of linen spray to your jeans and air them. This however is not highly recommended because it might ruin the color and structure of the thread.

Stick the jeans in the freezer

We are still talking about denim and not food in case you are wondering if this tip is real. The tips have been flying around on the internet since jeans became a big thing in the fashion industry. Logic behind it was to help kill the bacteria that lingers around the jeans. There is no scientific research conducted to help back up the claims so lets just leave the jeans to where it belongs which definitely is not the freezer.

Spot clean the jeans

When your jeans collected dirt or some stains from just the first wear after washes, what you do is to wash the stained spot only. We must have done this with our shirt or blouse when we suddenly spilled some coffee during lunch. Applying the similar concept, you can clean only the affected spot with liquid soap.

Preferred time to wash jeans


There is no such thing as jeans must be washed at certain timing of the day or only to be washed when its raining. We leave this decision completely to you to figure out. In short, jeans has to be washed when its due. Keeping your jeans clean will help with its longevity and durability.

How do you care for your jeans? Let us know in the comment section below.