The Only Products You Need to Appear Ageless


Here is a thought to ponder: Paul Rudd, famous for being the superhero Ant-Man in the Marvel movies, is 50 years old this year. Yes, that man who looks like he is in his mid-30’s at best is actually 50 years old. You might think it is a Hollywood thing where people simply do not age there, or Rudd has found the fountain of youth; looking younger than your real age is something we all wish for.

Well, you can actually achieve that without getting the Hollywood treatment nor hunting down the legendary fountain. All you need are proper skincare products that can help you appear ageless throughout your days.

1.    Face cream with retinol

First and foremost, you have to familiarise yourself with anti-aging face creams. These creams are the basis to an ageless skin as it does all kinds of useful things to your face. It keeps your skin hydrated, shields your face from UV rays and toxins which are the main cause of aging your skin cells, and many other beneficial factors. The retinol in it provides the Vitamin A your skin needs keeping it smooth and refined.


2.    Moisturisers


Moisturisers are important in your quest to Benjamin Button your face as it hydrates your skin to prevent dullness and flaking. True to its name, a moisturiser creates a protective layer of moisture that could last all day if applied correctly.


3.    Serums

Prior to moisturisers, however, you have to apply serums beforehand to get the moisturiser working effectively. This way, the nutrients from the serum is able to seep deep into the layers of your skin. Nutrients that are usually included in serums are used to prevent dark spots and the inevitable wrinkles on your face.


4.    Face cleanser

Last but not least, you need a proper cleanser to get rid of the excess oil and soft debris on your face. Throughout the day, your skin is exposed to bacteria, pollutants, dirt, and even old dead skin cells; all of which contribute to aging your face which you want to avoid.



It takes time to have that Paul Rudd or Jennifer Lopez ageless face but with proper treatment and the right skincare routine, you will witness your face maintain the same as if you were in your 20’s. Just get ready to receive lots of “wow, you have not aged!” compliments in the future.

Do you have your own method to stay young? What products do you use? Do share with us at the comments section below.