6 Things To Do Before You Turn 30


You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun in your 20s. After years of finding your passion and place in this big world, it’s surreal to be months or years away from your 30th birthday. We know it’s nerve-wracking, but don’t panic! Sure, you might be closer to saying hello to a new decade, but you still have time to achieve everything you want to do before your new stage of adulthood begins. Before that happens, let’s start with this one.

1. Travel to places you’ve never been before


A wise man once said we should travel to places we’ve never been before. That’s because travelling has the power to enlighten and inspire us. It gives us the opportunity to meet new people, experience new culture and explore new places. Together, these adventures can enrich us in many ways. While you still have the time and energy to travel (let’s face it, situations would be different when travelling with your kids), see the world as much as you can. So go out there and make every page of your passport counts.

2. Do something you’re afraid to do

We’ve survived various challenges and hardships during our 20s. Regardless of how tough the obstacles or painful the mistakes may be, remember that we can go through it all. We are braver and more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. If there’s something that has been holding you back, do it. Afraid of heights? Go bungee jumping. Worried that you’ll fail in your new business venture? Get your business running anyway. Wearing the same style since college? Flip through fashion magazines and switch up your style. Don’t let fear hold you back from becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

3. Enjoy your dating life


In contrary to what your parents might have told you, date as much as you can. You will learn a lot from spending our 20s meeting potential partners and surviving dating mistakes. Not only will you discover what you truly want in a partner, you will also learn who you are when in a relationship. How do you present yourself on a first date? Have you been communicating well with your partner? Should you make the first move? Having experiences as answers to your dating questions will transform you into a better partner once the right person comes along.  

4. Learn to speak another language

If we’re being completely realistic, learning a new language is a lifelong lesson. Learning a new language broadens your communication sphere and helps you understand new cultures and people. Imagine speaking Mandarin to a client in China or Bahasa Indonesia to a new friend you met in Jakarta. Knowing how to converse in another language opens a lot of doors in widening your social and professional circles too.

5. Start saving for a rainy day

Regardless of our age, we should always prepare ourselves for a rainy day. From a sudden loss of a family member to an expensive car accident, you never know when your worst days will turn up. Set aside some money from your income for emergencies. That way, you’ll have a stash of money for days when you need it the most.

6. Forgive yourself for your mistakes


Before you step into your 30s, there’s one thing you need to do: forgive yourself. It seems easy, but it can be challenging because we are our own worst critic. We hardly forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve done. When we don’t, we carry that bag of guilt with us for a long time. Let bygones be bygones. When we give ourselves a chance to improve, we can become a better and stronger person in our 30s. The moment we forgive ourselves for our mistakes, we can start a new beginning on a clean slate.

It’s definitely exciting stepping into a new decade. With a promise of new adventures and rewarding experiences, turning 30 is a new milestone. While we fantasize our fresh start, it’s important that we make the most of our 20s. Go ahead, guys! Enjoy your dating life or travel as much as we can. There’s nothing like starting a new decade as your braver and bolder self.

What’s your personal goal before turning 30? Let us know in the comments below!