What Shoes Women Think are Sexy


It is a common knowledge that women cannot get enough of having many shoes. For women, different shoes represents a different meaning and all the different types of shoes that women have, there will always be a few ones that we love. So what are the women shoes that are considered sexy? Take a look down below.

1. Black heels

London str F18 135ab.jpg

Black heels are a classic pieces for any woman to own as it can change the way a woman walks. Wearing high heels makes a woman become a little bit taller when wearing it. This will make a woman’s hips sway a bit more to show off their sexiness and attractiveness.

2. Leather Thigh Boots

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Thigh boots run through cycles in both popularity and design in the world of women’s fashion especially leather thigh boots. This gives women a trendy, sexy , and fashionable statement look.


3. Red Stiletto

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Red stiletto indicates the energy, strength and power of the women! It can stimulate a deeper and more intimate passion in a woman’s mood as well.

4. Wedge Heels

Milano str F12 235.jpg

It is one of the sexiest heels for women who refuse to walk in with six-inch stilettos. Unlike other heels, the weight is equally distributed throughout, balancing it all out and making it comfortable to walk.

5. Studded Heels

Milano str F12 211.jpg

Women love studded heels as this is the ideal way to add some edge to their neutral and boring looks. Even with typical outfits, they can definitely find that studded heels bring on that awesome and glamourous touch effortlessly.


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