ZALORAYA2019 Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer, Nurita Harith


ZALORAYA2019 Fashion Show was a great success and ending the night show slot was the lovely Nurita Harith. Nurita Harith is a well-known fashion designer that is popular for her exquisite feminine touches in each of her collection. If you are intrigued in getting to know more about this year’s Raya collection, we got a chance to get an interview with Nurita Harith on what was behind this year’s collection and some personal facts too. Read our exclusive interview with her down below.

1.   Describe your Raya collection this year in three simple words.

Feminine. Elegant. Subtle.

2. What was the main goal you wanted to achieve when you came up with this year’s Raya collection?


 To give the best to our NH ladies. Good quality material, custom colours and with our signature draping at an affordable price.


3. What is the inspiration behind this year’s Raya collection?

 It is more of an elevated version from our previous collection with an inject of customized prints of peonies. Peonies is one of my favourite flowers with the layers to give that detail yet subtle in colours. We always try to keep to the same aesthetic but upgrading it every year.

4. Describe traditional Raya delicacies you look forward to.

Kueh arab and the good ol tart nenas,

5. What do you look forward to the most during this year’s Raya?

 The first day of gathering with family, enjoying each others company and good food and of course being all dressed up!

6. As you know ZALORA’S Raya concept this year revolves around wayang kulit. What classic Malaysian movie would you like to see recreated in wayang kulit form?

 “Isabella ‘ lol does that even count as classic?


7. Have you ever had the chance to watch a live wayang kulit show before?

 Unfortunately no.


8. How do we modernise wayang kulit for the newer generation?

More props and perhaps vibrant colours to make it more fun?


Interested to don on one of NH by Nurita Harith 2019 Raya Collection? You are in luck as it is now available right here at ZALORA.