10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts Your Mother Actually Wants


You do realise that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, right? Right? If that information just flew right over your head and you are currently panicking right now, do not worry. Take a deep breath because we got everything under lock with last minute gifts which could be useful for your mother.

Sure, a card and a bouquet of flowers are classic Mother’s Day gifts, but you want to go the extra mile for the woman who essentially gave you life. So, take it up a notch and give her something that is meaningful to her even if you have approximately two days left to find one.

Here are some examples of what you can get your mother as a last minute gift.

1.    Tupperware

Mums and their Tupperwares; a combination that is so stereotypical against mothers but is also quite true, that they love their Tupperwares. Maybe even care deeply for it. Why else would she shout at you if you accidentally lost one in school?


2.    Jewellery case

We are pretty sure that your mother has some, if not, a lot of bling which she has kept throughout the years. Instead of her just leaving them in the drawer of her vanity table, get her a jewellery case instead where she could store every one of her jewelleries.


3.    Kimono robe

Everyone has their lazy days, even your mother. So, to make her more comfortable in the comfort of her own home, get her a nice Japanese-inspired kimono robe. Major points if you get her one in silk.


4.    Training shoes


It is important to keep fit even at old age. Therefore, a good pair of training shoes could act as a friendly reminder for your mum to go out there and exercise once in a while. Get one with a proper arch support to benefit her balance and stability.


5.    Market tote bag

Nevermind handbags, your mother needs a big enough bag which she can fit all her belongings in one go. Maybe even one that can carry her emergency grocery shopping without using the market’s plastic bag. Because we all know plastic bags are harmful to the environment.


6.    Pillow


After a long chaotic day of mother duties, all she wants is to rest her head on a soft comfortable pillow and sleep her worries away. Help her achieve that by getting a pillow that could take her to dream land easily.


7.    Thermos flask


Just like the Tupperware, a Thermos flask is its drinking counterpart which is valuable to a mother. Since she can either fill it up with an ice-cold drink or one of her variations of hot tea, a Thermos flask bottle will be a guaranteed approval of Mother’s Day gift.


8.    Kitchen knives


There are many types of kitchen knives that each serves a purpose to what she is cutting. She probably does not have all the kinds as it can be quite expensive buying the entire set. But come on, it is Mother’s Day. Spend a little on her by buying what is deemed the most important cutlery in the kitchen.


9.    Scented candles


Make her forget the chaos that is going on at home by getting her a soothing scented candle. Scented candles can be therapeutic for some as it gives off a chill vibe to the area. It probably will not help declutter the mess at home but at least the place smells good.


10.  A treat to the spa


Truth be told, a whole day at the spa is every mother’s dream where she does not have to think about anything that is going on and just be pampered all day. Although it is just for one day, we are pretty sure that it would be your mother’s best day that week.



Any Mother’s Day plans for the weekend? What are you getting her as a gift? Share with us at the comments section below.