4 Ways to Deal with An Unwanted Crush


This is a common dilemma that some of face in life and somehow it can be difficult to handle. When someone is crushing on you and you do not share the same feelings, dealing with it can be difficult especially if they started out to be a friend. You do not want to hurt their feelings because you still appreciate them as a friend but how do you go about it without making them feel they stand a chance with you? Read down below on the ways to deal with an unwanted crush in your life.  

1.     Acknowledge each other feelings


The first way to deal with this is by acknowledging each other’s feelings. If he tells you he really likes you, have some compassion and tell him that you are flattered and that he is a great guy. Give him a few compliments and share that you appreciate him as a friend. He will still feel the hurt of being friend-zoned but if he is mature, he would understand from where you are coming from. The compliment will help lessen the blow for him.  


2.     Make them a good friend


After you have acknowledged each other’s feelings, say politely that you will still love to have him as a good friend like before. Since he already has a crush for you, most probably he would stay in the friendship and be there whenever you need him. At least he now knows that you are not interested, and he can move on without jeopardizing the friendship you both already have.


3.     Control your flirtatious side


This is when things get tricky if you are continuing your friendship. Never ever let your flirtatious side out with him because although you both think all is good and moved on, it cannot be denied that he might get caught in his feelings again if you occasionally flirt with him. Try to control that flirt while you are hanging with him because he will think you are leading him on. Sometimes even if you doll up with a nice dress on, he will secretly feel some interest inside his heart.


4.     Avoid him


If even after becoming friends and you feel like he hasn’t completely moved on such as flirting with you, giving you compliments that sounds more than a friend would say, or treating you like a girlfriend in a romantic way, you know that you should change the course. Do this by slowly avoiding him. How you may ask? Try to avoid any places that he normally goes to not accidentally run into him or you can give him legit excuses whenever he asks to go out with you to hang as friends just the two of you.



So have you ever experienced an unwanted crush in your life? Share with us how you personally deal with it in the comment section below.