5 Hairstyle Ideas for Women to Flaunt Fabulously During Hari Raya

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Eid Fitri is around the corner and many people are impatiently waiting to celebrate this year’s Raya.  That is probably nine days left and we can see Raya vibes everywhere. It is the perfect time to decide what they want to wear to look glamourous on Hari Raya and of course they are looking for the perfect hairstyle to complete the look. Your hair is your crown so wear it with pride. Let’s celebrate your Hari Raya this year with a magnificent hairstyle! So, here we show you the list of hairstyle ideas for you to flaunt fabulously and confidently for Raya!

1.       Bob Hairstyle

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Bob is a classic hairstyle that is still applicable in this era that never goes out of style. The short bob will make you look simple, classic and obviously effortlessly sexy this Raya..  

2.  Simple Bun Hair

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Want a style that is free off your face? The simple hair bun will be the perfect choice. The simple bun hairstyle definitely looks better on long hair because the length helps to secure the bun in place.  To achieve the Hari Raya-worthy bun look, learn various hair bun styles from Youtube tutorials and find which best suits you.

3.      Waterfall Braid Hair  

There are tons of ways you can style your hair when it’s long; the braid and updo options are endless. A waterfall braid is a stylish modified version of the traditional French braid. The hair is typically braided along the upper hairline, gradually descending towards the back of your head while dropping individual strands to create a cascading effect. Absolutely, waterfall Braid Hair is the perfect hairstyle for women out there who want to appear elegant on this Raya.  But first, you should brush your hair before braiding.  Knots and tangles make it hard for the person braiding your hair.  Might also hurt a little bit.

4.     Super Straight Hair

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The super sleek hairstyle is a hair trend that is always a favourite among women. Having sleek straight hair can make you look effortlessly chic and shows off your feminine side to others. Also, this hairstyle is less of a hassle to maintain which is great while celebrating Raya. Whether you have medium length hair or longer, you can flaunt the look with confidence.

5. Side Swept Waves

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For those who have mid-length or long hair, the side swept style should be on your list especially when it comes to wavy hairstyles. Achieve style perfection with side swept waves. The side swept hairstyle can bring out the classy and sophisticated appeal out.

Hope by now you have an idea on hairstyles to try during Hari Raya. But, do not forget to use the best hair products to make sure your hair is in good condition and always shining in what ever style you do.