6 Raya Looks You Can Flaunt on The First Day of Raya

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Raya is a festive season that we celebrate only once in a year.  Being all dolled up to celebrate Hari Raya is what every women looks forward to from makeup, outfit to accessories. Doing an OOTD on the first day of Raya and posting it up on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on has been a trend in Malaysia! It is compulsory to do because everyone wants to look super extraordinary on their first day of Raya and want everyone to check out their whole look. If you have no idea on what to don for your Raya outfits, here are Raya looks for you to pull off for Raya that were spotted on @ZALORAMY Instagram.

1. LUBNA Double Layer Peplum Lace Trim Kurung


A piece from LUBNA, this Double Layer Peplum Lace Trim Kurung can make you the center of attention on the first day of Hari Raya and you will get head turns in every direction. This Baju Kurung Moden is quite attractive. the beautiful peplum cuts would definitely enhance a nice silhouette. To those who want to show off their Raya body-goals, this Baju Kurung does the trick!

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2. Calla Tiered Ruffled Kurung


Calla Tiered Ruffled Kurung is a good option if you want to show off a nice silhouette without having to wear an outfit that is too body hugging. The combination of pastel color piece and ruffle designs is minimalist yet gorgeous at the same time.

Shop the look: Calla Tiered Ruffled Kurung

3. Aster Cowl Neck Kurung


For girls who like to appear cool and properly modest, this Aster Cowl Neck Kurung is specially made for you! The combination of plain loose sleeve top and floral long pleated-skirt is a great combination to reveal your elegant aura to others..

Shop the look: Aster Cowl Neck Kurung

4. Flare Sleeves Lace Kebaya With Trimming


The soft and comfortable lace on Kebaya is suitable for those who want to express a bit of the classic vintage-look while carrying that urban look. The floral design on the Kebaya is able to retain the traditional aspect en-twisted with a modern touch of lace material making it perfect to show off your gadis melayu appeal while looking chic from had-to-toe.

Shop the look: Flare Sleeves Lace Kebaya With Trimming

5. Violet Applique Kurung


Want to look stunningly glamourous on the first day of Raya? Why not you choose the Violet Applique Kurung? It’s floral mesh layered embroidered lace flared sleeves kurung dress with frills is the perfect choice to don on with style! The 3D flower patch designs give out that feminine yet luxurious vibe effortlessly. You do not have to wear any accessories as the outfit is stunning as it is!

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6. Flora Multicolor Organza Kurung Modern


It cannot be denied that the usual Kurung Modern with a floral concept brings the positive vibes to the people who wear it on Hari Raya. This Flora Multicolor Organza Kurung Modern is a must-have piece if you want that girl next door look. Whereever you go, such as open house, visit your family and your relatives, this piece definitely brings out your innocence.

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Which Raya look is your favourite from this list? Let us know in the comment section below.