Accessories That Will Match Your Raya Outfits Effortlessly


Raya is a celebration where we celebrate once a year after one month of Ramadan. When talking about Raya, of course, one thing that is a must, besides “Balik Kampung” or visiting your hometown, a Raya outfit is what people are looking for. One of the best things about celebrating Raya is that we can decide on what we want to wear for the first day of Raya, the family and friends we want to visit as well as the Raya open houses that you want to attend.

Every year designers will create amazing Raya outfits that definitely will make you look outstanding and fabulous during Raya. There are various designs to be chosen from, but did you guys know that your Raya outfits won’t look complete without any accessories? When mentioning about accessories, doesn’t mean you need to wear them like a bundle. Just keep it simple and nice. Here are some of the accessories that will match your Raya outfits effortlessly!

1. Watch


A watch is an accessory where everyone need to own at least one! It's not only helps us to keep track of the time but also enhances our outfit to appear more presentable. For Raya, don on a leather strap watch for a casual yet stylish appearance.

2. Bracelet


Add on the bracelet as one of your accessories. It is not only an effortless touch but someone brings out your femininity too. Choose a minimalist design and pick silver or rose gold bracelets to match with your Raya outfits.

3. Necklace


A small necklace on your neck could never go wrong! By adding on a necklace, it will make your neck look longer than it is and the neck area around your outfit would stand out more. Don’t worry because necklaces are accessories that can blend well with any outfit you have on. Besides that, necklaces can definitely brings out a soft character out of a woman.

4. Clutch

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Kate Spade once said, “A handbag is only one item to be worn with a complete outfit”. Yes, handbag is an accessories where women cannot live without.  Raya is where we want our outfit to look extra glamourous and pairing it with a nice clutch will be the perfect choice! It is not only small and compact, but also gives you a fashionista vibe anywhere you go. Choose something that plain without any prints on it and there you go!

So, share with us in the comment section down below what is your Raya theme for this year and which accessories you can’t live without. If we miss any of the point that you guys think helps bring your Raya outfits to life, just share in the comment section down below as well! Have a great Ramadan!