Complete Your Look with NAELOFAR FOR ZALORA 2019 Raya Collection


Knowing that Raya is just around the corner, it would be wise to get your Raya clothes ready now before it sells out. We trust that you already have your baju kurung and kebaya combo but for hijabis, they need one more item to complete their look: a hijab.


While there are plenty of hijabs sold everywhere, none comes as close to NAELOFAR FOR ZALORA, a collaboration between ZALORA and Naelofar which is owned by Malaysian superstar Neelofa. This year will mark four years of the two brands working together since 2015 and NAELOFAR FOR ZALORA is setting the bar higher than ever.


True to previous NAELOFAR FOR ZALORA collections, this year sees the standard shawls and square hijabs that can be worn by every woman out there without overcomplicating your headwear. Sure, the products offered are as basic as it gets but this would be the perfect time to show off your hijab skills and come up with your own personal style.


As expected, the collection comes in different colours for you to choose from. This year however, NAELOFAR FOR ZALORA appear to have hijabs with softer and paler colours like thistle, amber, silver, and many others. Even the names applied to the hues remind you of a cute and safe environment, for example raindrops, crème brûlée, rose tan, and many more.


For hijabistas or women who have hijrah into wearing one since the month of Ramadan, opt for a piece from NAELOFAR FOR ZALORA as it is the premium hijab brand in Malaysia today. And with an inspiring and admirable figure like Neelofa backing the collection, you know you are receiving only the best from the brand.