Correct Ways to Take a Selfie


Now that everything revolves around social media these days, chances are selfies have played a big role in your virtual world. It is probably your default profile photo on all your accounts, something you post out for the world to see your beautiful face, or just taking a selfie because you feel extra fresh on that one day.

While everybody on this planet probably have a selfie or two (or more) on their Instagram, most of them do not look good. The double chin is exposed, lighting is a bit too bright, angles are all wrong; these are some of the factors that make a bad selfie. Do not worry though as we uncover how to take a great selfie that is guaranteed to earn you many likes.

1.    Lighting is key


Lighting is the most important factor that makes a good selfie. What you need is natural lighting from the sun to give you a nice glow for that perfect selfie. With perfect lighting, you do not even need makeup to standout. The golden hour would be right after sunrise or before sunset. Avoid fluorescent lights at all cost, make sure there are no shadows getting in the way of your face, and you are all good.


2.    Know your angles

By now, you should know your good side from the multiple photos you have taken over the years. If not, here is an easy course:

  • Always keep your chin down. You do not want to show your double chin.

  • Hold your camera high and further away from your face (unless you are taking a close up)

  • Do not face the camera straight on. Either move the camera to the side a little or tilt your head a bit.

  • Remember this angle and use it for future selfies.


3.    Take multiple shots

Kylie Jenner, arguably the queen of selfies, once admitted that she took over 500 selfies before landing on one that she really likes to post it out on Instagram. We are not asking you to go crazy as to take 500 selfies but consider taking a lot to give you options when posting the perfect one.


4.    Experiment on filters


To further boost your selfie game, use filters provided whether it is from Instagram itself or other external apps. However, do not overdo it until your selfie appears fake. Try to maintain its natural look as much as you can so your audience can appreciate the aesthetic of your selfie. Once you have found the right adjustment, stick to that when you want to apply those filters to your selfie.



Now that you know the ways to take a good selfie, snap away! What other selfie tips do you have? Share with us at the comments section below.