Fast Ways to Get Rid of Surprise Breakouts


Breakouts is a common skin problem among teenagers and even adults. There are plenty of tips and products that you can get to clear your breakouts but what if you only have one day?. You may have 99 problems but breakouts ain’t one. Here is a list of fast ways you can try to get rid of surprise breakouts!

1. Ice the breakout area


Easiest way to deal with breakouts is to calm it down by applying ice to the area. This will instantly reduce the redness and help to calm the breakout from flaring a bit more. Many makeup artists also practice applying ice to the clients face before applying makeup on. This trick is said to reduce and shrink the pores.

2. Apply zit cream

Next step on the list after you ice the bumps and get rid of the redness is by applying the zit cream. Find the cream that consists of tea tree oil which is proven to be helpful in getting rid of pimples. Pimple patch also is a good idea as you can just paste them onto the pimple and let it work its magic. Many people apply the pimple patch before they sleep and claims that in the morning the zits became smaller and redness pretty much vanished.

3. Concealer comes in handy


Going on a date night planned weeks ahead and your face decided to not cooperate and has breakouts instead? A concealer is the fastest trick in the book to hide it away. The consistency of a concealer should be able to cover up any imperfections and redness to the skin. Pair it with a full coverage foundation and you are all set.

4. Wear Facial Mask

woman-3600521_1920 (1).jpg

This by no means to get rid of breakouts but focusing more on to treat the skin and get it back on track. Breakouts are associated with hormones and sometimes the change in diet also causes our skin to have reactions. At least two times a week make it a habit to wear mask. Mask can help to draw out any impurities, supplying nutrient to the skin and even able to create a protective barrier from any harmful things that could clog up pores and eventually cause skin breakouts.

5. Adjust your skincare routine


Adjusting and reevaluating your skincare routine can narrow down the possibility of the flare and improve your overall skin health. Knowing the roots to the issue will prevent future cases although there are a lot of side things that need to be considered as well. Add or remove any skincare products you deem necessary.

6. Natural remedies to remove pimples


Besides makeup and ice, another tip you can try to get fast results is to use natural remedies. Good thing about them is that they are easily accessible in the kitchen. Garlic, tomato, and cinnamon are said to work best in combating acne and zits.

Hope these tips could help you with surprise breakouts getting in your way for a perfect night out with friends or your date! Know any more fast tricks? Share down below!