Hijabista Styles to Pull Off This Raya

Every year, the fashion is evolving around us tremendously and so are the hijab fashion styles. We can see people are talking about being glamorous yet simple for this year’s Raya and some are even obsessed with it. As we are all aware, we have already been in the second week of Ramadhan and no doubt, the feeling of Raya is overwhelming. It is the time where people start to decide which hijabs to mix match with their new colorful clothes bought to don for Raya. So for the dear hijabistas, have you decided what hijab style you should flaunt for the coming Raya? Do not fret any longer as here are some trendy hijabista styles that will be perfect for you!



First and foremost, we would like to recommend a simple and neat hijab style. It will fit with any of your clothes that can absolutely balance out the the whole look while retaining that luxurious touch. The satin shawl will give a decent look especially to the one that prefers a simple yet modern look. You can also try the neck swirl style that also appears to be so easy to pull off, but safety pins are recommended to make it neatly placed at its position at any time.



However, some people are getting bored with the plain and simple style, so why not we give it a little classic touch by making a hidden knot with your hijab. Inspire yourself with this 70s and 80s vibes where everyone is effortlessly flattering. You can match this style with plain or full designed clothes based on your preferences.



Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight in these trendsetting Raya turban styles. As you can see, there are so many turban styles that you can choose for Raya but for this time around let us be a little bold by having a Rapunzel or Top Knotted turban. Maybe you will find your own Flynn Rider this Raya. Feature this style with floral or abstract top will definitely bring all eyes on you.



One thing about having a modest look is to style that ‘wrap around hijab’ look that will cover most of your top. If Abaya is your target for this year, then this is the best style for your hijab. This style is also available as an instant shawl where you do not have to worry wrapping it around yourself.



Not all style requires every edge to look good. Flap, lengthen or tie on one side is actually enough to make you slay the whole day. Plus, it is simple and neat that is very suitable for Raya. This style will also match any of your Abaya, Kebaya or Modern Kurung. One quick tip is to identify your best face side and style your hijab the other side. Now you can take as much selfie as you want in mere time.

We hope that you already have something in your head about your Raya hijab styles. If you have any styles that you want everyone to know, do not hesitate to just share it in the comment section down below. May your Raya be the best one!