How to Be On The Fast Track For A Promotion


Logically, being good at your job should be rewarded with a promotion. However, that is not the case at this day of age as the corporate world can be a little unfair on who they promote to a higher position. Some follow the rulebook, some play dirty. Either way, there are certain steps to achieve that promotion you long for.

If you have been at the top of your game in your workplace, keep it up. You are going to need it because employees must create their own career path to get to their goal, and it is no easy task. But we have some tips and shortcuts that might help you with your aim.

1.    Form a bond with the boss


In order to get to the promotion that you always wanted, first you got to go through the person who gives that away and that is your boss. This does not mean that you should be sycophantic about it. You just have to have a healthy working relationship or at the very least have him notice you. A way to do this is of course from your impressive work which will definitely catch his attention.


2.    Document your achievements


There is a big chance that your boss is not tracing your every move in the office. That is why it is important to save every document you made especially ones that you are particularly proud of. This could be as proof to be presented when you finally ask for that promotion. That way, you have concrete results to show that you are indeed a hard-working employee.


3.    Get close with HR

It is always helpful to have a friend in the HR department since they always are the first to know about whatever that is going on in the office. Every single information comes to them first, including promotion opportunities that you might want to check out.


4.    Be a problem solver


Your fancy suits or your relationship with peers are not enough to fast track your way to a promotion. You need to show that you are dependable, cooperative, and reliable with work as well. Be the problem solver among your colleagues to show that you really can perform your work and you are not just all talk. If a tricky dilemma comes up, suggest at least one solution before seeking your boss’ blessings to deal with the matter at hand.


5.    Find it somewhere else


If all else fails, and it seems like you are going nowhere in your company, it is time to leave it and find that promotion elsewhere. Sometimes, in order to jump the corporate ladder, you must make a move towards other opportunities that will appreciate you deservedly.


Where are you at in your mission to acquire your dream promotion? Any other tips to getting there? Share with us in the comments section below.