How to Dress Classy on A Budget


1.    When in doubt, wear black


Black is probably the most worn out colour in fashion and it is with reason too. This is because black goes with anything and everything. It is the neutral colour that is easy to coordinate and pair with any other items that you own in your closet. A simple little black dress can do wonders to your outfit so stock up on them as it will come in handy one day.


2.    Jackets are your bestfriend

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If you think coats and jackets were only to keep you warm, you thought wrong. A piece of outerwear is a crucial element to up your style game which in turn could also make your outfit look like it came straight from the hands of an international designer. Denim jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets, and many others alike are a must-have in your collection.


3.    The fitter the better


Fit is always important when it comes to dressing up. Whether you want your outfit to look expensive or not, a good fit is what makes you rank up in style. So, make sure your outfit fits and compliments your body well. If it does not, head to the tailor and alter it according to your size.


4.    Red lips


Makeup can be expensive, and it is definitely a problem when we are tight on budget. However, you only need one beauty item to look classy: a red lipstick! A red lipstick goes a long way in the beauty department as it exudes elegance and confidence in one’s look making her instantly sexy and classy. You do not need an expensive lipstick though, just get a decent one and you are good to go!



See, you do not need to have designer clothes to look like an A-list celebrity. All you need are key items that can elevate your look and hopefully trick people into thinking you own expensive garments.

What other fashion items do you think could help in this mission? How do you look awesome on a budget? Tell us at the comments section below.