How to Show Off Your Natural Beauty with Confidence


From barely there lipstick shade to effortless looking coats of makeup, the natural beauty look is often the most easiest and simplest way to show off your inner beauty anywhere you go. Not only that, it also lessens spending time applying makeup on especially if you are in a hurry. So how do you achieve a natural beauty persona? Read down below for the quick makeup tips and tricks.

1.    It all starts with your skincare

Prep your face with a moisturizer to give it the hydration it deserves. Opt for a water-based essence and dab it onto your face. This will help relieve the puffiness of your face especially when you get out of bed in the morning. Top it off with a layer of SPF moisturizer to block the skin from UV rays and harmful substances from the surrounding. Healthy looking skin will definitely make your natural beauty glow even without any makeup on.  

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2.    Correct Foundation is Key


Every woman can relate that finding the perfect foundation shade can get overwhelming. But once you have found the correct shade of foundation that matches true to your skin tone, nothing can go wrong. Layer it onto your prepped face and apply it on evenly. From liquid foundation to BB cushion, the correct base will absolutely help hide your blemishes making your face look smooth and flawless all day long.

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3.    Fleek brows and lashes


Have you ever heard that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul? Plus, it is also the first thing you see when you have contact with other people. And having messy brows and dull lashes is not an option. So, shape your brows up, curl your lashes and put on some mascara to make your eyes look more alive.

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What are other ways that you can think of in achieving a natural look on a day out? Let us know in the comment box below.