Most Common First Date Deal-breakers


Have you ever felt like your date is going well, everything is in order, none of your exes shown up and unexpectedly confess to you, then suddenly he/she does this one thing that annoys you that you immediately call it off? That annoying thing that happened is called a deal-breaker.

A deal-breaker comes in many forms and it is just frustrating to think that what could have been a nice relationship ended up not happening just because your date ruined it with one faulty table manner. While some people could tolerate with that and carry on with the date, others might be extreme to walk out from it. Here are just some of the common deal-breakers that people make on the first date.

1.    Checking your phone


At today’s digital age, your phone is the most important thing you can carry. But on a first date, its importance has shifted to the person in front of you as he/she is the whole point of that moment. If you are constantly on your phone, it is pretty clear that you are distracted and disinterested in the date. So, refrain from checking your phone at all and enjoy the moment and the person with you.


2.    Being rude

Hopefully, do not be rude is common sense to you and is not something that should be reminded. But for you stiff-necked people who do not seem to get it, we will say it again: do not be rude at all. This also applies to the waiter or every other people that you will come in contact with because if you can’t treat other people properly, what makes your date any different?


3.    Free therapy

A date is not free therapy where you can just unload all of your life problems at one go to your unwilling companion. Your date did not agree to listen to your sob stories which might have included your ex too. He/She is here to have a good time and all you want to do is tell your life story that they probably do not enjoy hearing.


4.    Mentioning about the ex

Now this is a big no-no when on a first date. Why would you even want to mention your ex to someone who you want to romantically impress in the first place? Save that topic for the fifth or sixth date but for now, focus on what is going on currently and do not, under any circumstances, bring up the ex factor.


5.    Documenting on social media

It is bad enough to check your phone during a date, it is even worse to record every single thing happening during said date. No matter how tempting it is to snap a quick photo of that delicious dish, take an OOTD selfie of how good you look in your clothes or maybe even record a video of your date’s cute smile, do not move forward with that. That is something you do after many subsequent dates and not on the first.


So, now that you know five main deal-breakers that will not get you to the second date, just remember to not do any of it and you will make it through.

Any other deal-breakers that you think is worth mentioning? What irks you on a first date? Share your experience on the comments section below.