Most Outrageous Lip Balm Flavours Ever Made


Talk about having good taste, what could be better than when fashion meets flavor? In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the weird and wonderful beauty care staples that have been developed to become a yummy-necessity for ladies – lip balms!

Butter PASSIon Fruit


Any fruit lover here? How about Butter Passion Fruit for a swipe on the pout? While this may sound tasty for a lip balm, it does more than just looking good to savor. This particular little cutie is made of natural active ingredients that are enriched with moisturizing and protective properties from cocoa butter, jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

Green Tea


From food and beverage to the fashion industry, Green Tea is quickly carving its name and importance in so many forms now even in lip care. For those who are into exquisite delicacies and care for their lips to be pampered by fine oriental ingredients such as Green Tea extract, give this one a try. You’ll notice a subtle tinge in the smell, taste and feel on your plumpy lips. It’s impossible to move on.

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Pair your lips with a nice Pear flavored lip balm. With a non-glossy and transparent texture that coats the lips with a breathing moisture film, this magical potion fits all occasion! Whether you slab it on before bedtime or are getting dolled up for a romantic dinner, prime your lips or go bare but beautiful with fresh and supple looking lips with a hint of sweet and sour fruit fragrance after wear. It soothes dead skin cells and blurs out those fine lines by topping up the necessary moisture and help redefine healthy looking lips.



You’d go nuts not to get your hands on this nutty Macadamia flavored lip balm from Yves Rocher. Formulated with shea butter and macadamia oil which both are wonderful skin food that helps repair and soothe dry lips, you may also appreciate its creamy and light texture with a lingering gourmet Macadamia scent at first application. For instant comfort, do a favor and put your lips out of misery by slaying on this lip balm before covering them with sometimes-can-be-drying lipsticks.

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Musang King Lip Balm


To top it all off, this lip balm flavor is the bomb! For the brave, bold and bodacious, turn to no other than the great Musang King Lip Balm. Make a kissable statement that you cannot be anymore Malaysian by owning this. With an assortment of local signature desserts which are all delectable and unique to Malaysia, muse yourself while seriously treat your chapped lips to other rare flavors such as Cendol, Sirap Rose, Teh Tarik, and Ais Kacang flavored lip balms by Wunderbath. With all natural and legit ingredients such as Rose Hip Oil with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, this brand has done itself and deserve a special place in our hearts. Agreed?

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Now that you’ve heard and seen it all, which one of these smashing lip balms are you dying to try out first? Vote your answer in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.