Obvious Signs When You Are More Than Just Friends


Here is a common situation: You have been friends with someone for some time now and that friend decided to ruin your already steady friendship by hitting you with an “I love you” crap. We have all been there at least once in our life when a friend gets the wrong message of being strictly just friends.

It is not entirely bad though. Sometimes, the two of you actually have feelings for each other but are too afraid to admit it. But other times, it gets awkward between you two and you start to drift apart.

So, to counter that, we have some points that might be signs when you and your friend are more than just that.

1.    They look at you differently


One of the earliest signs that your friend is in love with you is that they will look at you differently. Just the way they stare into your eyes when you talk already is an obvious sign. While eye contact is part of good mannerisms, this one feels a little different as if they are in awe of your beauty. You will know it when you see it.


2.    They become a different person

When you are with friends, everyone seems to be equal. All are either bros or girlfriends, depending on which group you hang with. But when a friend acts a little too feminine or masculine (depending if your friend is a female or male) around you, it is a sign that that person wants you to stop seeing them as a friend and more as a possible partner.


3.    They always find an excuse to be alone together


Hanging out in groups of friends is pretty normal but when that someone starts finding excuses to be one on one with you, it is pretty obvious that he/she views you as more than just friends. This is because they want to disregard the other mutuals and spend more time with you where you can share more intimate subjects that the rest of your friends would not know.


4.    Can’t keep their hands off you

Physical touch is a clear sign that your friend is into you. But not in a disgusting way though. This is more innocent and playful like picking lint off your sweater, wiping the crumbs from your face, and the ol’ “accidentally” holding hands trick whenever you walk side by side. These cute acts could also be a test to see if you feel the same way too, whether you will flinch or let her/him touch you.


5.    They get jealous easily

Jealousy is probably the ultimate sign that you are more than just friends. This is because they feel like they should be with you rather than some phoney who is trying you. They would probably ask a lot of questions regarding that new person in the picture for whatever irrational reason. So, if you see your friend getting jealous, or maybe even find yourself jealous when seeing your friend with someone else, we have news for you. You are in love with your bestfriend.



So, have you ever experienced this situation before? How did you deal with it the first time? Tell us your thoughts on the comments section below.